Line Printer Daemon (LPD) Service

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Administrators have long relied on Microsoft's implementation of the LPD protocol (Print Services for UNIX, TCP/IP Print Server, LPD Print Service and more) as a way of supporting applications and operating systems printing to Windows Print Servers. With Microsoft removing this feature from Windows Server 2012 onwards, PaperCut customers can continue using this protocol as a fully supported print solution.

A Windows Print Server with a variety of clients and operating systems.

A Windows Print Server with a variety of clients and operating systems.

Cross Platform Printing

Line Printer Remote (LPR) clients will be supported long into the future with the PaperCut LPD Service. Better yet, PaperCut customers who use LPD/LPR protocols will be able to benefit from PaperCut support for their end to end printing solution.

The PaperCut LPD Service

  • Continues support for the LPD protocol for Windows Servers
  • Allows for interop with PaperCut Print Providers
  • Allows the flexible use of either the Share or Printer name when addressing the queue
  • Enhances security by only allowing access to devices also shared by Windows

More information

Including installation, connection and examples, refer to the PaperCut LPD Service Knowledge Base article.