Integrated Scanning

PaperCut MF manages secure scanning with an easy solution for both System Administrators and users.

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Secure, easy document scanning

All copier brands handle scanning differently. So Systems Administrators can sometimes find it difficult to offer a simple scan to me solution across their whole organization. Not anymore.

With PaperCut MF System Administrators can assign user scan workflows to users and groups with the ease of deployment you've come to expect from PaperCut.

PaperCut MF's Integrated Scanning Home Interface

An intuitive interface

Users get an integrated all-in-one interface along with pre-configured Scan Actions to on ramp into existing business systems. With a couple of clicks at the device, users can scan documents to predefined folders, email addresses, or cloud storage.

Centralized deployment and management of user scanning

PaperCut MF's Integrated Scanning Overview

End Users

Integrated Scanning provides a secure and easy way for users to scan documents:

  • To their own email address
  • To their own home folders
  • To cloud storage
  • To other authorized email and folder destinations to enable business automation processes
  • Within the familiar PaperCut MF user interface
  • Providing a consistent scanning interface across brands
  • Create text-searchable PDFs and editable documents with OCR

System Administrators

Configure and manage Scan Actions from the PaperCut MF web administration console in seconds:

  • Manage scanning for all devices centrally
  • Enable integrated scanning by device
  • Easily create and edit Scan Actions
  • Assign Scan Actions to specific users and groups
  • Enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with any Scan Action
  • Attach an XML metadata file for import into business systems' workflows

Scan to Email or Folders

Preconfigure user Scan Actions to authorized destinations. Without additional authentication, users can:

  • Scan to Email - either my email and other presets
  • Scan to Folder - save documents to their own home or pre-configured shared network folders
PaperCut MF's Integrated Scanning Actions Interface
PaperCut MF's Scan to Cloud Storage

Scan to Cloud Storage

Seamlessly scan to a range of cloud storage providers – like Google Drive and SharePoint Online – using the same intuitive interface as Scan to Email and Folders.

  • Simple "tap and scan" workflow for users
  • Cloud connectors are automatically added
  • Secure and easy to set up, use, and support

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OCR out of the box

With OCR (optical character recognition), you can turn your scans into text-searchable and editable smart documents to retrieve information easier than ever.

It's also baked right into PaperCut MF with a choice of either converting documents with the PaperCut cloud service, or on your locally hosted servers. You can use it whenever and wherever – no third-party apps needed

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PaperCut MF's OCR
PaperCut MF's Scan Workflows

Scan workflows

Systems Administrators control who can scan documents and to where.

By defining custom destinations and settings, scanned documents can then flow into business processes.

Easy to Set up

PaperCut MF Integrated Scanning can be set up in minutes with minimal configuration requirements.

System Administrators can easily configure and manage user Scan Actions for each user. Just like print and copy, sync to your user databases for easy deployment.

Then, from the PaperCut MF web administration console, track and control who's scanning what and to where.

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