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Reports in PaperCut come in three categories:

One-click Reports
Get access to the most important data in realtime - straight from your web browser, from anywhere on your network
Ad-hoc Reports
Create reports with custom data by specifying date ranges, filtering and sorting by the data available. Great to give you different perspectives on printing usage
Custom Reports
Create fully customizable reports (using third-party tools like Jasper) to suit your unique business requirements
Schedule / Email Reports
Create reports that will be regularly generated and emailed to members of your organization or scheduled to be saved to disk. Great for sending regular reports to managers without even needing to compile it first

One Click Reports

Reports tab showing some of the available user reports
  • Access 50+ common reports with one click
  • Run reports from anywhere on the network with a standard web browser
  • See the sample of the report before running it
  • Options include PDF reports, HTML and Microsoft Excel
  • Dozens of standard pre-built reports covering, users, printers, shared accounts, groups and logs
  • Customize report headers with your own organization's logo and details

For a list of one click reports including screenshot samples see the Reporting in Detail tour section.

Ad Hoc Reports

The print log provides a detailed record of printing activity.

Print Log table

The filter panel narrows the results shown in the print log table.

Filter Panel

The filter shown in the example will show the print logs for all students who printed between the given dates, and whose printing was denied because they had run out of credit.

The report panel generates reports based on the data shown

Report Panel
  • Construct your own datasets for reports
  • Run reports over given date ranges or filters
  • Export data from lists or tables

Custom Reports

PaperCut now provides the power to "build-your-own" reports to suit your unique business requirements. There are three fully-customized reports available, and you can build them using an external tool such as Jasper Studio. You can launch and schedule each custom report in a similar way to the built-in PaperCut reports, including exporting your reports to CSV. We have a roadmap for further Custom Reports features in the near future, so stay tuned for updates.

Schedule / Email Reports

  • Have reports automatically generated for you
  • Reports arrive direct to your inbox
Scheduled Reports

Format Choice

  • All reports are available in PDF, CSV/Excel and HTML format
  • Preview reports directly in the browser prior to printing
  • Quickly open report data in Microsoft Excel for further analysis or presentation


  • Advanced charts complement printable reports
  • Charts are interactive and reflect data in real-time
Charts & Statistics

Check out Reporting in Detail for a full list of reports.