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PaperCut products help you introduce easy printing from any device - all while protecting student information, cutting costs, and reducing waste.

Drastically reduce costs and waste

Drastically reduce costs and waste

With the average student wasting 3,200 sheets of paper annually, costs and environmental harm can spiral.

PaperCut keeps these costs low with full visibility, tracking, and tools for change. Create policies like duplex and black and white printing, check if you even need to print at all, and run built-in reports to see newfound savings and focus areas.

Print seamlessly from any device

Print seamlessly from any device

Smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks… Most students have at least one, so it’s crucial they’re all print-ready.

PaperCut plus Mobility Print lets you print from anything, anywhere, anytime - no extra apps needed. Self-install Mobility Print in minutes to print from the device’s native interface, and avoid lock-in to specific brands and types.

Take tech adoption to the next level

Take tech adoption to the next level

Welcoming printing depends on having a user-friendly tool for teachers, students, and IT staff alike.

PaperCut makes printing second nature for everyone. Harness powerful Google integrations, deploy flexible configurations, scan straight to the cloud, and search and edit documents with OCR (optical character recognition).

Double down on data protection

Double down on data protection

From student files to report cards, a lot of your school’s printing needs to be kept secure and confidential.

PaperCut secures staff and student data to guarantee privacy. Reduce uncollected printouts by authorizing release at the printer, safeguard data with end-to-end encryption, and protect ownership with watermarks and digital signatures.

PaperCut solutions for K-12 education

PaperCut products

PaperCut products are trusted by schools all over the world.

PaperCut MF print management solution for the legal industry
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Our feature-packed flagship solution

Get complete control and visibility over print, scan, copy, and fax to realize your full printing potential.

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Our simple-to-install tracking solution

Discover powerful visibility and cost-cutting policies to enjoy better printing in a matter of days.

PaperCut print solution for Small to mid sized businesses

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PaperCut is saving us a lot of money in consumables. It’s an outstanding product, and I’ve recommended it to a lot of other colleagues in educational computing.


Kingston High School (AUS)

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