Copicode Copier Terminal

Copicode hardware terminals provide MFD integration to enable tracking, charging or billing of "off the glass" copying.

Copicode terminals are devices that plug into an MFD via an access port and then interface with PaperCut MF via your ethernet network. Copicode terminals are a hardware neutral solution and work with most multi-functional copier and printer makes and models both young and old.

Copicode-IP alphanumeric terminal

Integrated authentication

  • Authenticate using a card or an ID number
  • Optional PIN for extra security
  • No need for separate accounts - use existing PaperCut accounts imported from your network directory
  • Ability for users to self-associate cards with their accounts on first-use

Find-me printing integration

  • Also known as "Pull Printing", Find Me printing provides users in environments with several identical multi-function devices to print to a single virtual global queue. They can then walk up and log on to a device nearby available device and have their print job pulled from the global queue and printed on the spot.
  • More on Find Me Printing and Secure Print Release.

Real-time tracking

  • Users are provided with realtime feedback of account balance and cost as the job proceeds
  • Charge different types of copying at different rates
  • All usage reported live in the PaperCut logs

Seamless user experience

  • Provide users with the same account selection options they use for printing via the popup
  • If shared account access is granted, users have the option to select accounts from a list or using a PIN
  • Control access to accounts using Active Directory groups

Consolidated reporting and management

Consolidated management and reporting in either summary or detailed formats are readily available at the click of a button for all copies and prints across your entire fleet:

  • By device (printers & copiers)
  • By user
  • By shared account (client, department, faculty)
  • By location
  • By date and time / period
Print log and report

For more information about reporting see the Reporting tour section.