Online Payment Gateways

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The PaperCut Payment Gateway Module is an additional component to provide services that allow users to transfer funds from an external source into their personal PaperCut account.

If you are interested in any of our other 3rd Party Integrations, view our full list here.

Examples of its use include:

Online Payments (credit cards, bank accounts)

Larger organization such as universities or colleges may wish to provide online payment via 3rd party services such as those provided by banks or organizations like PayPal, Authorize.Net, WorldPay or CyberSource. The payment interface may be provided for internal use (e.g. for student-only use), or opened up for external access to allow parents to make payments via the web.

Student Fee/Management Systems

A number of leading higher education organizations use the payment gateway module to allow students to transfer small amounts of credit into their print account. At the end of semester/term, this amount is totalled up and added to their fees/loan. The payment gateway module can be configured to automatically debit the student management records or an external database system.

Payment Gateway Information and Workflows

Please refer to the documents below for an overview of the Payment Gateway workflow within PaperCut.

Payment Gateway Information and Workflows - PDF

Simple User Interface

Add Credit User Interface
The design of the payment web page may be customized to match the organization intranet or colors. The allowed payment amounts are designated by the administrator.

Modular Architecture

Payment Gateway Diagram

Module Options

The development team has worked hard to offer the widest range of payment options available in the print control industry. This ensures you have the choice of payment providers and the option to switch in the future.

Most module options are available under one standard price. Some options incur additional costs because of the need for custom configuration or additional development. Some providers also charge us "API access fees". Fees we incur from providers are transparently disclosed and passed on without mark-up.

External Credit Sources
PayPal Payflow Link Accept credit card payments into your bank's internet merchant account. This is our most popular option and is used by hundreds of education users. Requires a PayPal internet merchant account and registration for PayPal Payflow Link.
PayPal Website Payments Standard Accept credit card and PayPal account payments into a PayPal account held by your organization. Requires a registered PayPal internet merchant account.
Authorize.Net Accept credit card payments. Requires a registered Authorize.Net merchant Payment Gateway Account.
Nelnet Accept credit card payments. Requires Nelnet's Commerce Manager service.
Barclaycard ePDQ CPI Accept credit card payments. Requires a Barclaycard ePDQ CPI account.
CASHNet ePayment Accept credit card and electronic check payments. Requires a registered CASHNet account and eMarket site.
CyberSource Secure Acceptance Accept credit card payments. Requires a registered CyberSource Secure Acceptance (SA) merchant account.
Heartland Payment Systems Accept credit card payments. Requires Heartland Certificate.
Moneris eSELECT Plus Accept credit card payments. Uses the Hosted Paypage service and requires a Moneris eSELECT Plus account.
My Student Account Accept payments from the My Student Account campus card system. Requires password provided by vendor.
WorldPay Accept credit card payments. Requires a registered WorldPay Business Gateway Plus account.
Realex Realauth Redirect Accept credit card payments. Requires a Realex merchant account with the Realauth Redirect service enabled.
TouchNet Marketplace Accept credit card payments. Certified TouchNet Ready solution. Requires TouchNet Marketplace.
Commonwealth Bank CommWeb Accept credit card payments. Requires Commonwealth Bank merchant account and CommWeb account (Australia Only).
NuVision Networks Accept NuVision Networks iAMECS campus card payments.
Official Payments Supports manual transfer of funds from a credit card account.
Transaction to file (CSV) This option writes transactions to CSV text file for later batch/post processing. For example importing into a student management/billing system. This is used to implement student loan/billing systems such as "term bill".
Custom Source API access included as standard. Custom development can also be provided by the PaperCut Software Development Team. Please contact support for further details.

User payments may optionally be tracked separately to free quota using the multiple personal accounts feature.

Campus Cards

Integration with campus card systems such as Blackboard and CBORD is also available. See the Campus Cards tour section for more information.

Other Methods

For other options to recharge user balances in PaperCut see the Recharging Balance tour section.