Cash Payment Hardware

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PaperCut MF integrates with many leading brands of cash accepting hardware, allowing users to pay cash for printing and copying. Users may be required to pay for additional printing after their quota has expired, or payment may be required at the time of printing.

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User payments may optionally be tracked separately to free quota using the multiple personal accounts feature.

Cash Accepting Hardware Types

Cash Accepting Lock Boxes

Cash accepting lock box

Cash accepting lock boxes include bill/note and/or coin accepting hardware in a compact metal lock box. These units are generally placed next to a computer that runs the PaperCut pay station software. Users add credit to their printing account by logging into the computer and inserting cash via the readers.

Payment Kiosks

Payment kiosk

Payment kiosks are similar to cash accepting lock boxes, but embed both the cash accepting hardware and computer in one unit. Payment kiosks are a good option for those wanting a simple and attractive unit, particularly for public environments. Kiosks come in many varieties and may include touchscreens, keyboards or card readers for login.

Standalone Cash Accepting Lock Boxes

Standalone cash accepting lock box

Standalone cash accepting lock boxes are hardware units that enable users to add credit to their PaperCut accounts in self serviced environments. The units accept coins, notes or a combination of both, and optionally print receipts. The units are "standalone" because they plug directly into the network and do not require an attached computer.

Pay Station Software

Cash accepting hardware is either "standalone" (plugs into the network) or plugs into a computer running the PaperCut pay station software. The pay station software authenticates users via their network username and password, card swipe, ID and PIN, etc. and guides the user through the process of adding credit.

The pay station software may be configured in either pay station mode, where users pay cash directly into their online PaperCut account, or in pay and release mode, where users pay for print jobs before they are printed.

Pay Station Mode

When running the PaperCut pay station software in pay station mode, users simply log in to add cash to their online PaperCut account.

Logging into the PaperCut pay station software
Logging into the PaperCut pay station software.
Simple display showing the cash the user has entered so far
The cash accepting hardware is activated and the user enters their cash. The simple display shows the user the amount entered so far.

Pay and Release Mode

In pay and release mode users pay for the print jobs they wish to release.

Logging into the PaperCut pay station software
Logging into the PaperCut pay station software
Paying for and releasing print jobs
The user is presented with their held print jobs and may add cash at any time. This user also has some credit in their PaperCut online account.
The user adds cash and the balance display is updated
The user adds cash and the balance display is updated.
Released print jobs are charged to the user's online balance and/or inserted cash
Released print jobs are charged to the user's online balance and/or inserted cash.

When logging out any unused cash is returned to the user (for devices with change return), left on a card (for cash card devices) or added to the user's online account. This behavior is configurable by the administrator.

Pay and release mode may be used to implement an anonymous pay-for-print environment where users without network logins print jobs and pay to release them. Users who do have network logins and PaperCut online account balances may pay for jobs using either cash, their online account balance, or a combination of both.

Printing Acknowledgement Slips

Pay and Release stations can be configured to print fully-customizable payment acknowledgement and error notifications to any printer on the network. Generally, this will be a small thermal printer located next to your Cash Acceptor or Payment Kiosk.

More Information

For more information about payment hardware please contact a Authorized Solution Center. Your reseller will be able to advise the solutions available to suit your requirements and budget.

Other Options

For other options to recharge user balances in PaperCut including cashless systems see the Recharging Balance tour section.