netZtouch QBX Terminal

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ITC Systems' netZtouch QBX 7800 is a sleek, touch screen device that acts as an online account based copy controller and as an integrated print release station for PaperCut. netZtouch QBX terminals turn almost any copier into a PaperCut tracked and controlled machine.

PaperCut MF integration on the netZtouch QBX 7800 print release station

PaperCut MF running on the netZtouch QBX Touch Screen, Print Release and Copy Control Terminal

The netZtouch QBX 7800 has a 7.5" Color LCD touch screen and comes equipped with a magnetic swipe, contactless or barcode card reader used for authentication purposes. Security is enhanced with SSL certification on the IP communication. Once the user is authenticated, the print or copy transaction is processed, charged for and logged.

Intuitive touch screen experience:

  • The user logs in using their contactless, mag swipe or bar coded card or they enter their username and password.
  • The interface easily allows the user to switch between the print release and copier modes with the press of a button.
  • The cost of each print/copy job is easily identified and the user account balance is updated in real time for every transaction made.
  • In print mode, the user can release or delete print jobs in queue individually or the whole list.
  • In copier mode, the user has the option to charge different accounts (personal or Departmental).


  • 7.5" Color LCD Touch screen
  • Integrated Mag Swipe Reader, Contactless Reader or Bar Code Reader
  • Fully integrated with PaperCut.
  • 128 Pricing Options Possible
  • Intuitive User Interface and Experience
  • 2 x TCP/IP Ports (can be used as a mini hub)
  • Standard 2 Price Copier I/O port
  • Multi Price Copier I/O port
  • RS-232 Port
  • Mini USB Device Port
  • PS2 connector Port
  • SD Card slot for additional memory
  • Secure netZcom communication via IP
  • Unlimited account capabilities
  • Remote configuration of netZtouch's parameters and firmware updating
  • Supports SSL Encrypted Web Service communication to back end
  • Completely integrated with ITC Systems campus Multiplan software
  • Display is at a 17 degree angle for Ideal viewing.
  • Optional stands & mounting hardware available.

The ITC Systems netZtouch QBX 7800 is available through your local PaperCut Authorized Solution Center.