Many applications are moving "onto the web". The advantages of doing this are clear: web technologies make cross-platform support easy, and the web based nature removes the need to install additional software (or access a system where the software is already installed!).

PaperCut comes "out of the box" with a web based interface for administration. There is no need to configure your own web server however, because PaperCut includes its own. Modern web design techniques such as tabs, effects and transitions even make PaperCut's web interface feel like a traditional desktop application.

Central Administration

Users tab showing the list of monitored users
  • All data is available in the same place, even from remote print servers or locally attached printers
  • The same features and settings are available from anywhere you care to log in
  • Access the system from anywhere on the network using a standard web browser

Administer Users

  • Uses your existing domain/network user accounts
  • View user printing activity at a glance
  • Control users' allowance, print quotas and credit balance
  • Modify users' account balance with full transaction history and comments

Administer Printers

Use Domain Groups to Simplify Administration

  • Monitor printing at network/domain group level
  • Schedule quota allowance at group level
  • Define rules for new user creation (self management)