Print Policies

It's not just about rules. Policies encourage sensible use and enforce best practice.

Policy Alerts

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Implementing a print policy is not just about sending people an email with a list of rules to follow. A great policy is one that is supported through a system.

Start out lightly and encourage double sided printing. The sky's the limit, implement print quotas, forcing black and white printing, limiting email printing or department reporting.

Environmental Impact

It's not all about policies and rules. Energize your users to get behind their environmental impact. Simply informing your users is a great way to encourage positive print behavior.

Environmental dashboard

Cook your own

Get creative! Write your own policies with print scripts. Leverage dozens of the pre-written recipes that have been created by the PaperCut community, or create your own custom script - tailored for your organization.

Whether you want to restrict printing outside hours, or allow managers additional privileges, anything is possible with print scripting.

Make PaperCut yours with custom print scripting