Power up your print environment

Become the all-knowing, cost-cutting, print-taming, environment-saving, digital-transforming, security-enforcing champion of print management. Here's how.


1 Print Visibility

PaperCut NG Administration Interface

"Who printed that 3000 page document yesterday?"

Instantly see who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed and on which device. View the central dashboard, any one of the 80 pre-built reports and the document archive (so you never have to chase down answers again).

2 Print Policies


"Did you know the intern printed 2000 pages single sided?"

Create intelligent rules to limit user behavior and enforce sensible printing policies.

Use pre-built filters to fix simple problems like removing jobs, encourage double-sided printing or create your own custom advanced scripting logic.

PaperCut Print Policy Alerts

3 Mobile & BYOD Printing

PaperCut supports cross platform mobile and byod printing for iOS, Android, Windows and more portable devices.

"How do I allow my staff to print from whatever device they are working on?"

Don't let Mobile and BYOD printing become an unnecessary burden with a range of tools to manage printing across all devices and platforms. Allow your staff to print with the freedom and simplicity the devices they're using were meant for with Mobility Print, Web Print, Email to Print, Google Cloud Print and iOS Printing.

Got guests? Visitors can print too.

4 Document and Device Security


"The payroll statements were sitting on the printer. Where did they go?"

Protect sensitive documents with Find-Me printing. Users print once to a global virtual queue and release securely while at the device.

Secure your devices with User Authentication via a touch screen or card reader at the MFD.

Add an extra layer of security by using watermarking and digital signatures to include the owner ID to every document.

Document & device security

5 Cost Control

Print user balance shown by PaperCut.

"Who's going to pay for that much printing?"

Start by tracking costs by user, department, client or custom shared accounts.

Get further control by allocating print quotas to users, departments or clients. They can track their print balances, and once the quota is gone, it's gone!

Implement a pay-per-use model to recoup printing costs. For individual user payments integrate with popular payment gateways. Or make client billing seamless by allocating costs to a client, project or department.

6 User Tools


"How can I help users print responsibly and easily?"

Encourage responsible printing by sharing the environmental impact with users. The Environmental dashboard, Windows Live Tile and the Environmental Widget can help shape behavior.

Keep print costs and rules visible to users with the desktop Client Tool.

Allow users to print from their web browser or mobile device as well as release documents securely at the printer using an existing ID badge or their smart phone.

PaperCut Live Tile for Windows 8

7 Integrated Scanning *

PaperCut MF's integrated scanning provides a consistent, streamlined scanning user experience.

* Available with PaperCut MF

"Easy to set up, easy to use!"

Associate Scan Actions to users for scanning documents to authorized email, folder, and cloud destinations to enable business automation processes. System Administrators can pre-configure and deploy user Scan Actions including Scan to Me, Scan to Home, Scan to Folders and Scan to Cloud Storage.

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Also, it's a super fast setup.

"What will I do with the rest of my afternoon?"

Easy and flexible setup with auto synchronization of user and group information from a source such as Windows Active Directory.

One license has got you covered – for all operating systems with unlimited servers. Add embedded licenses when you want to control multifuction devices.

Host locally on your own print server, across multi-sites, or in environments where there's no print server. Or maybe you need a combination of all three which is a little more flexible.

PaperCut - the secret of Sys-Admin coffee breaks world-wide!