PaperCut MF Early Access

So, you're looking for the absolute, most recent stuff from PaperCut? We admire your drive, and we're excited to work more closely with you.

Early Access was introduced to our release cycle in 2016. It was an opportunity to work more closely with our support teams and software developers and gain access to the latest features.

There was some great conversations had during the Early Access period. However from PaperCut MF 18.0, we have decided to simplify our release cycle and stop Early Access. This will allow us to continue to release at our fast rate of development, while making sure the releases are still stable.

We thank all those who participated in Early Access. You were part of the inner circle, and helped ensure each release was stable before being made available to the general public.

But hey, there is still a pathway to the biggest new features ahead of everyone else through our Percolator. The Percolator is our testing ground to get projects still brewing in development out to a wider audience. Check out whatโ€™s in the Percolator now!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Frequently Asked Questions see the PaperCut MF Release Cycle page.