HP OXPd PaperCut Hive App BREWING

HP OXPd embedded App for PaperCut Hive

Pop on your lab coat and help us brew cloud tech.

Have you got HP OXPd multifunction printers/MFPs floating around? Want to keep up to date with progress on the HP PaperCut Hive embedded app? Even interested in helping us build it? Read on to find out about this brew, the brewers, and where you fit in.

Geek Speak: Do you have the droids we’re looking for?

HP and PaperCut Hive embedded app

About this brew

Konica Minolta embedded app for PaperCut Hive App

As you’re reading this, we're well underway with developing the PaperCut Hive embedded app for HP smart multifunction printers/MFPs.

The app is going to bring most of PaperCut Hive's cloud print management features right onto the HP MFP's touch panel, including:

This percolator project is not just about "porting the functionality from PaperCut MF". It’s about making sure the app works best in a cloud world (that is, security first, performs well over high-latency connections, etc.).

Oh, and while we're at it, we're rethinking UX/UI to make it even better.

Why is this in Percolator now?

They say "many hands make light work". Here at PaperCut we also say "many printers find more bugs". We leverage our fantastic community of passionate customers, partners, and resellers to help us make robust and enterprise-ready software and get it out there – fast. Our percolator phase covers the development, the beta phase, and early stage production deployment.

This is how we get to tap into a wide diversity of model and MFD types, as well as the "I can break anything" mentality :-)

Are you a passionate person/customer/reseller who is keen to be involved?

Many of you will be happy just reading this page then following the timeline and progress. (I think the young kids call this "a lurker" :-) But maybe you're in the special group that loves brewing, who wants to get a little more hands-on and become part of the team?

So what makes a good brewer?

Someone who:

  • is one part geek, two parts friendly and inquisitive, and three parts coffee
  • likes to talk with engineers on video chats
  • has a few HP OXPd printers floating around
  • is happy to test and mix "constructive feedback" with some positive encouragement and fun
  • is super keen to learn more about public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multitenant solutions
How cloud-natie print management work and keeps print documents secure using Edge Mesh technology
PaperCut Hive dashboard for print tracking and visibility, toner forecast, paper forecast, toner tracking, paper tracking

This Percolator project is open to customers and PaperCut resellers.

Customers: Maybe you're a PaperCut MF customer running on HP OXPd devices and want to get a sneak peek into the future? Maybe you can temporarily run PaperCut Hive on a device for a period of time?

Resellers: Have you got a showroom full of HP OXPd multifunctional printers? Well then not only do we find you super cool, but you can test on a bunch of models, which is even cooler!

So what's in it for you?

  • First and foremost, if you're ever in Melbourne you have unlimited access to coffee in our office
  • Geeky tech jokes on video calls
  • Your ideas and feedback will likely make it into the final cut. (Sort of like signing your name on wet concrete!)
  • And history has shown that many of our early adopters become great friends of the engineering teams, so you might even get a free PaperCut Hive SaaS subscription and an ear to your new ideas!
Cloud-connected touchscreen software for MFPs and MFDs for secure print release
Photo of the PaperCut HP OXPd team members

About the brewers (aka the Product Engineering Team)

The HP OXPd embedded app has been developed by a multicultural team of engineers who come from different parts of the world - Philippines, India, Brazil, China, Australia. We all get to have fun with the IoT, Cloud Microservices, and SinglePage HTML apps. Of course, we love coffee :)!

What we`ve been up to so far?

See the timeline below. We'll update this from time to time so you can follow our progress.

19 APRIL 2021

Log in with access code

How many times have you walked to a multifunction printer to release a job and left your swipe card on your desk? Not to worry, now you have a second option.

20 APRIL 2021

Card association

We're giving power to your users. The first time they release a job the printer will show a one-time prompt to associate their swipe card.

21 APRIL 2021

Copy, scan, and fax tracking

We are very excited about this one! We kicked this off on Friday 16th of April, and here's how it's going so far.


We're not done here

We'll be sharing more videos as we progress with brewing the PaperCut Hive app for HP OXPd MFPs.

Best of all, you are more than welcome to try it out exclusively, while it's still in the oven, and spice it up with some ideas.



You've probably got a couple of questions on your mind right about now. We've done our best to answer the most common ones right here.

I currently use PaperCut MF. Can I run PaperCut Hive at the same time?

Yes. But you need to ensure at least one of your HP OXPd multifunction printer can be switched over to PaperCut Hive to help with testing. An MFD can't run PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive at the same time. Maybe use the IT department's device?

What card readers do you support?

The PaperCut Hive embedded app for HP OXPd is fully compatible with all major card technologies, such as contactless proximity cards (HID, MIFARE, USB, etc.). It's the same as PaperCut MF in this regard.

Do I need a dedicated print server for this?

PaperCut Hive is a cloud-native product, and a dedicated Windows print server is not required (you can run this as a true serverless printing environment, and your documents remain local for maximum privacy and security). For set-up and security-related operations such as unlocking an MFP, local access is required. This local access is facilitated using PaperCut Hive’s Edge Mesh technology.

Can I set up the HP OXPd App myself?

Who is best to set it up is ideally discussed between you and your HP printer provider. The process is relatively straightforward as long as the right options are enabled on the multifunctional printer.

I’ve only just seen this page. Are there any spots left?
We're limited in how many customers/resellers we can take on at the start and high-demand projects mean spots fill quickly. If you apply and our coffee cups are already full, you might miss out. All is not lost though! We'll definitely note your interest and when we're ready to release wider, we'll let you know. There’s also a chance that "we might need more droids along the way".
Is there anything else I can get involved with?
We’re always building new features and embedded apps for PaperCut Hive, so if you can’t join us on this particular journey, don’t worry – there are more to come. Keep an eye on the Percolator projects and if you can help us with any, please get in touch.

Recommendations, complaints, questions – we want it all!