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Welcome to Project Acacia

Maybe you want to give your mobile workforce anywhere document access.

Maybe you're looking for a secure way to track and store documents.

Maybe you need to save server running costs and physical space.

What you need is a way to scan documents into the cloud. A workflow that's secure and takes very little effort to set up, maintain, and use.

Project Acacia gives you a ready-to-use scan to cloud solution with a rapidly growing range of cloud connectors.

As part of the Percolator, you have the opportunity to guide development and help prioritize scan to cloud functionality, before a full release to market.

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For SysAdmins
and IT Managers

Project Acacia diagram
  • Connect to a growing list of cloud providers
  • Simple integration with a range of MFDs and models
  • Reduce paper copies
  • Save money on hardware and maintenance costs
  • Securely store and have a ready backup of important documents

For end users

Project Acacia diagram
  • One touch scan to cloud workflow
  • Single, secure authentication step
  • Anywhere, anytime document access
  • Easily store documents
  • Be more space efficient

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Sound cool? Get Involved!

This project is in the Percolator, which is a beta version still in brew - and we need you to help shape the direction.

Wait, am I right for this beta? Before joining, there are a couple of prerequisites that you’ll need to meet in order to be accepted:

  • Be a current user of PaperCut MF software

    Running version 18.0.2 or later, and using an Integrated Scanning capable device.

  • Be using the latest version of PaperCut MF

  • Have an early adopter mindset

    As a beta project, there might be features missing and the occasional issue.

Remember, you will have access to our development team during this percolator phase, and we are all in this together. Your success is our success!
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