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  • Cross-platform

    Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed environments.
  • Fair

    Reasonable licensing that doesn't dictate your IT infrastructure.
  • International

    Translated into 19 languages, supports your currency and number conventions.
  • Usable

    Intuitive interfaces make PaperCut easy to administer and easy to use.
  • Modern

    Up to date in both looks and architecture.
  • Customizable

    Enough options to suit and integrate into almost any environment.

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I've gotta say PaperCut is great and I've been singing its praises to other departments. The reports quickly show me printer usage at a glance, which I use frequently to more accurately place orders for toner and paper. I used to throw thousands of pages into the recycling bin every day because of unclaimed printouts, but overnight it's been whittled down to a couple reams! Aside from the money saved on toner/paper, I stand to save thousands reducing the number of lab attendants since these TopUp cards can be sold by our department receptionist or in one of our vending areas. I no longer need technical staff to supervise printing full time!

David, Case Western Reserve University - USA
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