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  • Cross-platform

    Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed environments.
  • Fair

    Reasonable licensing that doesn't dictate your IT infrastructure.
  • International

    Translated into 19 languages, supports your currency and number conventions.
  • Usable

    Intuitive interfaces make PaperCut easy to administer and easy to use.
  • Modern

    Up to date in both looks and architecture.
  • Customizable

    Enough options to suit and integrate into almost any environment.

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We have a network for about 60 students. We replaced 2 printers in our student computer lab last year and spent hundreds of francs on consumables. We tried everything to recoup costs from an honor system deposit box to quarterly fees built into usage cost. None worked. Since installing Papercut, we have been able to recover ALL of our printing costs and build more accountability that has dramatically reduced wasted paper usage. And the printers don't get abused all the time!

I continue to be shocked at the usability and simplicity of Papercut. It has the ability to control so much, yet the program is so simple. The daily administration is almost non-existent. By using the Top-Up card feature, we sell prepaid cards in our snack bar and the students credit their accounts via the web interface themselves. It is truly an "auto-pilot" program.

Kudos for a product well designed! I highly recommend anyone to this program.

Matt, University of the Nations - Lausanne, Switzerland
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