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  • Cross-platform

    Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed environments.
  • Fair

    Reasonable licensing that doesn't dictate your IT infrastructure.
  • International

    Translated into 19 languages, supports your currency and number conventions.
  • Usable

    Intuitive interfaces make PaperCut easy to administer and easy to use.
  • Modern

    Up to date in both looks and architecture.
  • Customizable

    Enough options to suit and integrate into almost any environment.

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Our college has tried other packages to handle excessive waste printing by students and while they worked the interface was clumsy and difficult or just too costly, we discovered PaperCut in 2000 and found it to be the easiest and most effective product to handle this for us. The interface is very intuitive and the ability to remote update accounts for printing credits allows us to basically set and forget.

Our college effectively halved the cost of printing in the first year. Now students are responsible for their printing and Internet usage.

On the occasional times I have contacted support for assistance or for suggestions I have found them to be relatively quick with a response and the suggestions actually actioned where possible.

I cannot recommend this product more highly. Thanks guy's for a great product.

Phillip, Beaconhills College - Victoria Australia
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