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  • Cross-platform

    Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed environments.
  • Fair

    Reasonable licensing that doesn't dictate your IT infrastructure.
  • International

    Translated into 19 languages, supports your currency and number conventions.
  • Usable

    Intuitive interfaces make PaperCut easy to administer and easy to use.
  • Modern

    Up to date in both looks and architecture.
  • Customizable

    Enough options to suit and integrate into almost any environment.

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We have been using PaperCut for just over a year now and the savings we have seen with minimal rules and filters in effect are easily double the price of what we would normally spend on supplies in a year. Aside from the ability to generate reports and hold accountability, the custom scripting allows us to use PaperCut exactly how we need it to function in our organization which has quirks that you typically wouldn't see in the average educational institution.

The web printing makes it super easy for students to print from anywhere on campus and from their own mobile devices, along with the ability to easily charge students for printing costs outside of the classroom and re-cooperate some of the money spent on printing supplies.

Being on the edge, we do a lot of things before it's "stable" or done elsewhere. Papercuts' phenomenal support staff make this possible, without them we would not be doing the things we are doing. To be able to submit an issue, have a response within hours via e-mail and immediately over the phone, and then within a few days have the developers solve the issue and send you a re-compiled executable, is beyond any support I have ever worked with in my 15+ years of IT.

Not only has PaperCut allowed us to save money, it has genuinely made an aspect of the IT departments job exceedingly easy and less troublesome on a daily basis.

Matt, Steele Canyon High School - USA
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