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Updated Net Control module (Build 3853)

Just touching base to let you know that we’ve released a new build that includes a number of changes (a number as a result of feedback from our testers). The testing has been going well. We’ve had no reports of any major problems. Most of the comments have been about feature suggestions or usability suggestions.

You can download the latest release (Build 3853) from the Net Control module testing page. The latest build include the following changes:

  • Allow the Internet usage for a single user to be disabled for a specific amount of time or indefinitely (time latches). This can be useful to discipline students who have abused Internet privileges, but you still want them to be able to print.
  • Allow data costs to be defined “per gigabyte” in addition to “per megabyte”
  • Allow the user client window position to be changed. This allows multiple user clients to be run when different PaperCut instances host Net and Print control.
  • Clarify some of the terminology to make it easier to understand whether data includes cached data or not.
  • Ignore machine accounts (e.g. username$) in proxy logs. These entries are recorded when a Windows machine downloads Windows updates.
  • Improved LDAP support for large sites.
  • Licensing changes to allow users who are registered for Print Control to be able to trial the Net Module for 40 days.
  • Bumped the version number to 7.0.
  • All the updates included in the latest 6.2 release (see here for full details ).


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