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Suddenly, a wild PaperCut 21.1 appeared!

Whip out your catcher’s net and start scooping up all the latest PaperCut MF enhancements because it’s release season!

If PaperCut 21.1 were a Pokémon (or any adorable critter from “insert role-playing video game here”), these would be its upgrades:

  • Scan to Fax - Phone Book on Konica Minolta
  • Mixed page size scanning - now supported on Kyocera metric-based devices
  • Support for Google Cloud Directory sync of custom attributes to the Card/ID field through LDAP

What are these upgrades exactly? Well, imagine you’re reading the following on the back of a holographic collectible playing card!

Scan to Fax - Phone Book on Konica Minolta

Don’t worry, I won’t take the low-hanging fruit of the “yes, faxing is still a thing” gag. We all know how crucial faxing is for industries like healthcare for hardcopy transmission.

This latest faxing integration continues our hard work in supporting workplaces, who, like a proofreader, are all about the fax (okay, so I will take the low-hanging fruit of a lazy pun).

Like an evolving Pokémon, this integration for Phone Book on Konica Minolta comes in a couple of parts…

Multiple Recipients

When building a fax recipient list for a Scan to Fax job, you can now add multiple recipients for a single document, either via manual entry or choosing from a phone book.

Now when multiple recipients need the same information simultaneously (like a health insurance claim), users can simply and securely send their sensitive documents to all the destinations at the same time - thus not having to double, triple, or quadruple ( etcetera, you get the idea) handle.

What about the cover sheet? With the advanced connector, each recipient will be reflected separately on their copy.


For those fax providers that support address book functionality, we’ve also developed an integration (specifically with RightFax and XMFax) that allows this contact information to be shown in an address book right from the MFD panel running PaperCut embedded software.

There’s no longer the need for users to remember fax numbers or for admins to allow access to the device’s native functions. Everything can now be performed within the PaperCut scanning interface. The added bonus is you no longer need to purchase a license for a connector from a Fax Server provider, so you save coin and time.

This integration won’t stop with RightFax and XMFax either, there are more providers with phone book functionality on the way…

Mixed page size scanning - now supported on Kyocera metric-based devices

Next up in 21.1, we’ve got even more enhancements for scanning documents on Kyocera metric-based devices.

If you’re scanning a range of different sized and printed documents, you’d be well familiar with the pain of having to batch scan or crop files after the fact. It can slow down your workflow, especially if you need to do it every single time you visit the MFD. This function removes that pain and simplifies the digitization process for varied page sizes.

We’ve now added mixed page size support for scanning on Kyocera metric-based devices, so you can bulk or batch scan different sized pages without cropping. We’ve also added additional support for auto-detection of scanned page sizes, which can include mixed-size scans.

This will mean greater flexibility and compatibility for administrators, while saving time and simplifying the digitization process for users.

Support for syncing Google Cloud Directory custom attributes to the Card/ID field via LDAP

Oooft, yes that’s a long subheading, but every word is vital. Here’s one that mainly sysadmins and IT professionals will be happy to hear! Google is launching support for custom attributes for Google Cloud Directory over LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

So we’ve added support for syncing custom attributes to Card/ID when using Google Cloud Directory where LDAP is specified. This will make setup for administrators simpler and more convenient with a boost to their workflow.

How can you download PaperCut 21.1?

PaperCut 21.1 is now officially out in the wild! To upgrade, get in touch with your reseller. You can also head on over here if you want to catch all of the details, or get your mitts on the release notes .

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