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Lexmark scanning and printing powered up in PaperCut 20.0

Great news, Lexmark users! We have two new features for you in PaperCut 20.0 .

No more inconsistent look and feel when scanning, you can now do so using our integrated scanning UI. We’ve also powered-up print release with account selection at the MFD.

20.0 allows consistency and ease for Lexmark users. Now when you’re scanning you’ll have the same user experience as other brands.

So if you’re using Lexmark devices, let’s pop the hood (I’m not actually into cars) and see what’s revving the engine. (That’s car speak, right?)

Such a pretty UI

In PaperCut 19.X and earlier, users were only able to scan using Lexmar’s native UI. Not anymore!

When you stack them against each other you notice the difference.


Lexmark users would be pulled away to this native UI when scanning in PaperCut MF before 20.0


This is what Lexmark users will now see in PaperCut MF 20.0 and beyond

Consistent and compatible

Lexmark devices now have a consistent UI with other brands.

From small to large, old to new, it’s compatible with Lexmark devices across the board.

But our Integrated Scanning feature is much more than a UI, it opens up a new world of ease for Lexmarkers.

Create editable and searchable scans

For both Cloud OCR Services and locally hosted OCR, you can create editable and searchable scans, supported in multiple languages.

Assign Scan Actions

Save time at the MFD with pre-configured scanning actions. User-friendly and simple, scan multiple pages or multiple documents with one scan action.

Scan to Cloud Storage

You can now scan to cloud storage with a comprehensive list of connectors. From Google Drive to OneDrive, to Dropbox, and beyond. You name the cloud service, we’ll connect you.

Scan to Email and Folders

Preconfigure user Scan Actions to authorized destinations. Without additional authentication, scan to email, and network folders.

Account selection at the device - print release

We haven’t just powered up Integrated Scanning , we’ve also enhanced print release for Lexmark devices.

When using Mobility Print , you can now print and charge to an account or client in one process, making life so much easier.

For jobs that didn’t have an account associated with them when submitted, you can now allocate print job costs to an account when releasing them at the device.

BYOD print jobs, like phones, tablets, and Chromebooks, can now be easily assigned to specific accounts for cost allocation when releasing print jobs.

Find out more about PaperCut MF for Lexmark


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