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Offline printing with PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket

The interruptions to our professional and personal lives during the COVID-19 era have taught us ‘normal’ was once easily taken for granted.

For many workplaces, normal operations became challenging. Modern businesses have been using the internet and the cloud for years now, but transitioning to remote working was a game-changer. Reliable internet access and cloud services became a business necessity.

Just because the internet goes down, it doesn’t mean business logs off for the day. Many managers, owners, IT sysadmins, and CIOs know this too well.

Printing has always been a tricky area of IT, but the pandemic has redefined it forever and somehow made it trickier. The increased adoption of cloud services for business needs like print introduced new problems.

Such as, if you’re using a cloud print management solution, and the internet goes down, does that mean you can’t print?

Small to medium businesses lived in the cloud long before COVID-19.  Cloud-based technology is the ‘life-blood’ for the SMB space. In this new era, the internet being down is more than just an inconvenience, it threatens to grind workplaces to a halt.

With businesses transitioning to cloud-based print management, can internet disruptions now disturb operations like printing?

Not with our cloud-native print solutions PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket . Our cloud-based print management platform was designed with IoT (Internet of Things) inspired principles to ensure you can print, no matter how unreliable your internet connectivity might be.

Powerfully simple printing fuelled by IoT inspired Edge Mesh technology

Offline printing with PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket’s mobile app enables businesses to remain in control of their printing environment, free of interruption.

This is made possible thanks to our cloud-native platform’s unique Edge Mesh print management technology.

The devices in your network form a self-healing mesh, removing the single point of failure that some cloud print management solutions introduce.

With PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket, your print jobs remain safe, reliable, and aren’t impacted by internet disruptions.

We’ve written and spoken a bazillion times about the Edge Mesh - here’s the TL;DR animated version!

No need to pardon the interruption thanks to built-in network resilience

Print Offline with the PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket mobile app means if the internet is unreliable, your printing remains reliable.

Real estate professionals are no longer at the mercy of unstable connectivity when printing off that last-minute contract.

Co-working spaces can ensure their clientele remain operational for all their print-related workflows.

With offline printing in the PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket mobile apps (psst, don’t worry, via the MFD is on the way), internet disruptions have zero impact on your cloud-based print management and enablement.

If your business can do with a little more ‘normal’ and a little less interruption, find out how to remain switched on, with PaperCut’s cloud-native feature Print Offline.

Available in PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket mobile apps.



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