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PaperCut “grows” with version 22.0

It’s no secret PaperCut has a green thumb for print environments.

We’ve been toiling away on more than your “garden variety" of enhancements for our 2022 major release.

With a sprinkle of love, and a dash of coffee, the following developments are now blossoming:

  • Forest Positive printing with PaperCut Grows program
  • Improved accessibility
  • Enhanced PaperCut MF admin login page
  • Compression options for scanning
  • Copyright Compliance Automation update (UK only)
  • Embeddeds for Ricoh SmartSDK, Ricoh, and Kyocera 4.3" devices
  • Continuous delivery updates

Forest Positive printing with PaperCut Grows program

PaperCut has been reducing print waste for 20 years and counting, preventing 3.2 billion unnecessary pages from being printed, amounting to 386,391 trees saved. But reducing waste is just one part of the problem. We’re now solving the second half of the print equation: after reducing waste, how do we give back to the environment?

Our new sustainability printing program PaperCut Grows means workplaces can plant more trees than they use for printing, transforming print’s impact into a Forest Positive force for ecological renewal. PaperCut Grows empowers businesses’ print management to directly invest in the trees and forests of the world, as well as reduce print waste.

PaperCut Grows is available in PaperCut MF alongside 22.0, as well as in our flagship cloud-native solution, PaperCut Hive .

Improved Accessibility

As part of our journey to achieve the WCAG 2.1 AA standards for end-user interfaces, 22.0  contains a new End-user Web Interface with a responsive, accessible, and fresh UI. This offers a better user experience for those with accessibility requirements.

Enhanced PaperCut MF admin login page

It was time we updated our background image for the PaperCut MF admin login page. But we did more than a fresh illustration. We collated 22 stories about our company and wove those narratives into a work of art that represents our journey as the little start-up that could. And for Where’s Wally fans there are lots of Easter Eggs to track down.

Compression options for scanning

Concerned about space when storing documents? In 22.0, Document Processing now supports the option to select high, medium, or low document compression when setting up Scan Actions. But this won’t just be for MF and NG, these compression options are also available in PaperCut Hive.

For CLA compliance in the UK, we’ve added support for the Copyright Compliance Automation feature when using Site Servers.

Embeddeds: Scan to fax, at-device scanning, and Integrated Scanning

For industries like healthcare, we’ve added support for our “Scan to fax" functionality for Ricoh SmartSDK.

Then on Ricoh platforms where possible we’ve improved at-device scanning. We’ve moved scan job processing into a background process, to allow users at the device to move on to their next task quicker. You can also now automatically add the PaperCut icon to the Ricoh Home Screen after installation.

Lastly, Integrated Scanning’s Scan and workflow functionality will now be supported on Kyocera models with the smaller 4.3” interface.

Plus continuous delivery goodies

Along with all of the above, there are a bunch of continuous delivery goodies. For more details refer to the MF page and our Percolator page .

How can you get PaperCut 22.0?

PaperCut 22.0 is now sprouting in a printing nursery near you.

Click below for the full bloom and further resources…



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