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PaperCut launches Forest Positive printing program PaperCut Grows

PaperCut has been crafting industry-leading printer software for over 20 years. Today our suite of print management products reduces paper waste and saves trees for 115 million users across 195 countries. So far our solutions have held 3.2B pages from being printed and saved 386,391 trees from being cut down.

But we’ve always been on the lookout for how to solve the second half of the print equation: after reducing waste, how do we directly invest in the environment when we press print?

We’re now solving that problem with our Forest Positive printing program, PaperCut Grows. Available with our flagship solutions PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive , joining PaperCut Grows means businesses can more than replace the trees used to make the paper for their essential hardcopy documents.

Now, pressing print with PaperCut means you’re planting trees.

What is PaperCut Grows?

PaperCut Grows is our sustainability program that enables our customers to do more than reduce waste, and actively invest in the forests of the world.

PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive continue to handle the print waste reduction side of things. Now we provide customers with a tool to make their printing Forest Positive with the PaperCut Grows program.

What is Forest Positive printing?

The Forest Positive movement is an evolution of sustainability philosophy. Forest Positive practices directly invest in the forests of the world. This is vital for fighting global warming because trees are our number one way of combatting climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing print waste with PaperCut MF or PaperCut Hive and joining PaperCut Grows makes your printing Forest Positive, by reducing your waste and more than replacing the trees your printing consumes.

Find out more about the Forest Positive movement and how its evolving sustainability for the print industry.

How does PaperCut Grows work?

You simply join as part of your license with PaperCut MF or PaperCut Hive. You then make a tree-planting investment up-front per printer. We calculate and convert how much you print into how many trees you should purchase for your printing to be Forest Positive. After you reach the initial amount of time calculated, you then reinvest when you approach the end of your number of trees planted.

The program dashboard displays your Forest Positive status, including your printing and tree planting volumes. The in-product Marketing Toolkit then equips your business with a variety of assets to share your sustainability story via website components, social media posts, and other creative content.

Who does the planting?

We’re the print experts, so we handle the calculations and conversions as part of our print management functionality. We leave the tree planting to the ecological experts, our non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted .

About One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit global reforestation organization, and our first partner for the PaperCut Grows program. Since 2014 they have planted over 40 million trees in more than 43 countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. PaperCut is now proudly one of their 266+ planting patrons.

Where do the trees get planted?

You decide! The program provides customers with three options for selecting a reforestation project location: either your sysadmin/IT lead decides, your workplace can vote, or you can delegate to One Tree Planted to choose.

How do you join PaperCut Grows?

The PaperCut Grows program is available with a license for PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive.

To sign up as an existing or new customer, speak to one of our Authorized Solution Centres .

Sustainable printing for your business and our planet

Why are trees so important to combat climate change and global warming? 20% of current greenhouse gases (GhG) occur because of deforestation and 30% of trees logged are pulped into paper products.

One mature tree absorbs 48lbs of CO2 per year. The world’s forests are crucial to the future and prosperity of our planet. A neutral carbon footprint is no longer enough. The world’s businesses and the print industry need to do more.

Reducing waste and saving trees founded our company . Now we’re evolving our drive for sustainability with Forest Positive printing and PaperCut Grows.

Visit our PaperCut Grows page for more information.


Read more about sustainability and PaperCut:


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