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Save paper, save the environment

Climate change and pollution are major issues that concern all countries across the globe. At present, it is imperative that more environmentally conscious practices are incorporated into everyday routines.

More importantly, the urgency to continuously act on current environmental problems has never been more emphasized. One such example that many people can relate to is saving paper.

Recycling helps the environment, but …

Environmental campaigns have taught consumers to recycle paper, but the damage doesn’t stop there. The goal should be to stop use in the first place!

With the widespread problem of pollution, saving paper and curbing wastage is now a more pressing concern. Why? Because of the harmful pollutants released during the manufacturing process, and the chain of negative effects associated with this.

Manufacturing pollution

During the manufacturing process there are many areas that, for different reasons, produce pollution. In paper manufacturing, pollution begins with pulp pills, where wood chips are made into thick fibreboards, which are later sent to paper mills for further processing.

The process of burning bark so it can be transformed into usable fibre releases toxic greenhouse gases, which eventually can cause acid rain, destroying marine life, crops, and polluting drinking water.

The process of bleaching pulp to create various finishes on paper also involves draining water that contains bleach chemicals and harmful dioxins, which instantly pollute water catchments.

And transport pollution

In addition, transporting mass quantities of wood chips by sea cargo is often the most cost-effective, but has recently been scrutinized for the high levels of CO2 produced by ships and their associated long distance travel.

Hence, saving paper and making the most of daily usage in homes and the workplace is important not only to save on unnecessary extra spending, but also to cut down on the unnecessary harmful effects unleashed into our environment.

Now seeing we’re on the PaperCut website, we have to say that the obvious: To help cut down the paper usage in your school or business, take a look at PaperCut . It’s easy to install and to use. With handy features like printing charge and control, print quotas, real-time environmental impact reporting , and seamless function across various operating systems and multiple servers, using PaperCut for your print management is the easy step in your paper-saving efforts.


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