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Why sustainability means so much to PaperCutters

Sustainability is a mighty big deal here at PaperCut. In fact, it was an environmental issue that played a starring role in PaperCut’s origin story.

A history of sustainability

Back in 1998, co-founder Chris Dance (then a school sysadmin) would spend every evening clearing the area around the school’s photocopiers of discarded paper. Chris’s environmentally-minded outlook was constantly challenged by the reams of discarded paper he was having to throw out each day.

Finally, he did something about it, solving the wastage problem by creating what became PaperCut software. As you do.

Together, he and co-founder Matt Doran have spent the better part of 20 years helping as many organizations as possible to print thoughtfully.

This is PaperCut sustainability

Fast forward to today, and many of PaperCut’s 150+ employees have joined the company in part because of its environmentally-minded culture. Yes, PaperCut is a software company that derives its income from sales of its software. But we PaperCutters also share a common belief that we can contribute to a better, more sustainable way of working, learning, and living.

In line with this, a bunch of PaperCutters jumped in front of a camera recently to share their views on sustainability and how PaperCut helps the environment. Here’s how it turned out.

By the way, while our software is, at its heart, all about sustainability, the people behind the software have started a project that allows us to work sustainably as well. I’ll update you about that in a week or two. Stay tuned.


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