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The homemade version of PaperCut MF is almost here

It’s almost that time. Time to take the wraps off a brand new version of PaperCut MF (ok, and NG as well).

For PaperCut 20.0, we’ve gone “back to the past”. Er, that movie reference didn’t work quite as well as I hoped.

Why are we going back to the past? It turns out this is the first homemade PaperCut release since Chris and Matt first released PaperCut from their spare bedroom back in 1998!

Yes, we PaperCutters haven’t let the pandemic get in the way of putting together the very best release possible for you. Our product development teams have been building this release in isolation at home, and it’s almost time to share it with you.

While we’re waiting for release day (I’d give it a couple of weeks), I caught up with a couple of PaperCutters who were right in the thick of the 20.0 build: Operations Lead in Product Development Jess McLeod-Dryden, and Senior Product Manager Gino Severin.

AL: What’s been the biggest change for you getting a release out while working from home?

JESS: I feel we’ve definitely lived our values through this latest release. Being “nimble” to adapt to the environment we find ourselves in makes for a good challenge.

GINO: My biggest challenge during this crazy time working from home is scheduling and attending meetings to make sure we get the release out on time! I have much more appreciation for those times when you can walk up and interrupt a colleague to ask quick questions. Times are a changin’!

AL: Let’s get some juicy gossip. What’s your favourite thing in the whole world about PaperCut 20.0?

GINO: For me it’s our focus on healthcare. Knowing that PaperCut is helping in positive ways by making printing easier in hospitals, especially during times where healthcare facilities are stretched to the brink!

JESS: I agree. 20.0 has a strong focus on meeting the needs for customers within specific market segments - namely healthcare and education.

AL: Give me one good reason why the thousands of happy folks already using PaperCut 19 (or earlier) should download it.

GINO: This is one of our largest ever releases. It solves many problems that our customers are facing, like making it even easier to manage print queues for users, and providing more print security in hospitals.

We’ve added small features that pack a punch in respective regions across the globe, like Māori language support as well as dual language selection for Canada, Wales and Spain.

JESS: Everyone wants to have the latest and greatest right?

AL: Clearly you’re not letting many cats out of many bags. Let’s finish up with a lockdown question: what’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while working from home?

JESS: My cat Tilley knows that when both my husband and I are on work calls, it’s the perfect time to ask for more food. Ok, it’s more annoying than crazy, but still …

GINO: The garbage truck emptied our bin, which was not crazy.

What was crazy is that the driver then got out of his truck, grabs our empty wheelie bin, physically picks it up and throws it straight into the garbage hopper of the truck! Not sure why he did it, but he just casually got back in his truck and drove away.

It took a week to get a new bin!


So a couple of sneak peaks at what’s to come in PaperCut 20.0, plus some insights into the curious habits of cats and garbage collectors.

We’ll be back with more at release time in a few short weeks.


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