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PaperCut NG Mac Update - 6.2.3896

I just finished testing and unloading the latest PaperCut NG Mac release. The latest version number is 6.2.3896. This release ticks of the latest of the “must fix” bugs and pending successful feedback, we’ll make this the first official non-beta release some time next week.

The main changes in this release are:

  • Improvements to the speed an reliability of the LDAP/OpenDirectory interface on very large networks. Large queries are now batched in retrieval blocks of 900 records.
  • Much improved popup performance on busy print queues. PaperCut now hooks into CUPS at a lower level earlier in the print flow process. This means that the popup (account selection or authentication dialog) will now appear as soon as the job enters the queue rather than when the job is ready to print.


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