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PaperCut NG Final Release

Wow! It’s only taken 18 months but it seems like a lifetime! We’ve just uploaded the production ready release of PaperCut NG 6.0 . We still have a long list of TODO/Wishlist items and will now start working on these for the 6.1 release. PaperCut Quota users can also expect a 5.3 release with some new features.

As always, a BIG thanks to all the people that helped with the testing. I know a number of the network admins testing PaperCut NG took a few risks deploying the Beta on some very large production networks! Fortunately any show-stopper bugs we tracked down quickly and fixes issued in a few hours. The real-life stress testing help out great so thanks again to all the testers.

For those people new to PaperCut and interested in what we’ve been doing with PaperCut NG, I recommend taking a look at the product tour . These also include some cool animated demos. I’ll sure you’ll see more of these types of demos in the future as there a fantastic way to document some of the more “complicated” processes.

Please keep an eye on this web log over the next few weeks as I’ll be give my spin on my favourite new features in PaperCut NG.