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PaperCut 10.2 released

(This is an older news post that has been migrated into the blog)

Today we’ve released PaperCut version 10.2, and with it a frequently requested feature: page-level color detection for PCL6 drivers. PaperCut’s page-level color detection performs a detailed analysis of print jobs to determine the usage of color on a per-page basis. E.g. when a student prints a 20 page assignment with color on just the front page they will still get the grayscale discount on the other 19 pages. Previously page-level color detection was available on PostScript, PCL5 and HPGL drivers. Now we have added PCL6 / PCLXL to that list. Together this adds up to page-level color detection support for the vast majority of printers in use today.

Another notable feature in this release is quotas for shared accounts. This is a useful feature for those wanting to set up department budgets or cost goals. E.g. A regular payment of $500 per month can be made to the English department account. When the balance dips below $0 the department is over their budget/cost goal, and the reports will make that stick out like a sore thumb!

We’ve also been getting a lot of positive feedback about the advanced scripting feature introduced in version 10.1. It’s well worth a look if you hadn’t had the chance to try it out yet. Let us know what you think.

The full list of changes can be found in the release histories for PaperCut NG and PaperCut ChargeBack .


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