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If (version > 10) { doMore() }

(This is an older news post that has been migrated into the blog)

If you are a geek, you’ll find that our new 10.1 release contains what is probably the most exciting and highly anticipated feature to date: Advanced Scripting. This feature is targeted squarely at our core audience of system administrators, and is the start of a whole new level of flexibility and functionality.

What have we done? First, we added a script editor to the admin interface:

Browser based script editing

Browser based script editing

All scripts are written in JavaScript, the most common and well known scripting language. Don’t be fooled however, this kind of scripting has nothing to do with web pages.

The first use of the new advanced scripting feature is to write print scripts - scripts that run when a new print job arrives. Your script can do a whole host of things including checking details of the job and influencing what happens to it. Some examples:

  • Displaying a pop-up message if a user forgets to select duplex on large jobs.
  • Showing statistics on the environmental impact on large jobs via a fancy popup dialog.
  • Prompting the user to confirm large jobs before printing.
  • Automatically routing large jobs to more efficient high volume printers.
  • … and much much more!

So what does an actual script look like? Something like this:

Example print script

Example print script

The user manual contains a new Advanced Scripting chapter that will help to get you started. Happy scripting!

As usual the full list of changes can be found in the release histories for PaperCut NG and PaperCut ChargeBack .

P.S. If you have a novel script idea or just a comment or suggestion about the new feature please let us know !


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