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Novell OES2 Linux SP1 is now final

Novell OES2 SP1 is now out of Beta. In conjunction with this release we’re also very pleased with the stability of PaperCut on OES and are now happy to support releases from version 8.5 build 6739 in production environments. e.g. PaperCut is now also out of Beta!

We’ve had no show-stopper bugs raised in the past 2 weeks. I must say however we’ve had lots of good feedback. The list of bugs may be short, but the requests for features is growing fast :-). We’re busy preparing for the up coming version 9 release. After I’ve helped get this out the door, I’ll be moving back on to Novell features with the immediate goals of:

  • 64-bit support (we currently only support i686)
  • Documentation for setting up a Novell OES system as a Secondary Server
  • Document and test running on an OES cluster

I’m also working to ensuring that the Novell OES releases remain in sync with all other platforms and hence benefit from the new general features that will be added to version 9.0. Once again, a bit thanks to all the organizations that have tested. We’re been very pleased with the support the Novell community has offered both in terms of testing and in sales. We’ve already had a few of the test sites commit and purchase licenses even while PaperCut was still in Beta! A bit thanks to all the testers!




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