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Novell OES Update - New Bugfix release

A quick thanks to all the beta testers helping us with testing our new PaperCut version for iPrint on OES Linux . We’ve had a series of bugs/suggests reported and I’ve actioned most of these in today’s release. The 8.5.6708 release contains:

  • Support for a various username formats seen on Novell networks (e.g. username@macadd, .username.domain, username\domain).
  • Improved auto detection of eDirectory LDAP settings.
  • Added warning if installing on any 64-bit OS. The beta release is currently targeting 32-bit only but we’ll support 64-bit on final release. (We’re just trying to minimize variables during the beta program!)
  • Documented the need to open ports 9191 and 9192 in the firewall. OES has strict firewall defaults!
  • Miscellaneous documentation improvements that should make installation a little easier and/or more “the Novell way”.

The remaining suggestion not actioned in this release is the auto-registration of printers. At the moment a single print job is required on each printer to trigger of the registration of the printer. I’m conducting some R&D in this area and hope to have a better solution soon.

You’ll find the latest release on the PaperCut NG downloads page .

Thanks again to all the testers and please continue to email me with your ideas (and dare I say, “bugs”!).