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Novell OES Linux beta program update - new iPrint version pending

Last week we announced the start of the official beta testing period for PaperCut on Novell . Novell is our last remaining platform so it’s great to see this finally in beta. We already have close to 50 sites that have contacted us expressing eagerness to participate in the beta testing program. There is a lot of excitement out there and a lost of organizations are happy to finally see best of breed print auditing and print control on iPrint.

As discussed in this page, I am going to post updates, news and announcements in our developer blog. One of the immediate announcements is with respect to the availability of the new iPrint release from Novell. PaperCut targets a yet-to-be-released iPrint version. This is a new version of iPrint scheduled for official release in Novell OES Linux 2 SP1 and includes the API hooks we required to get PaperCut working and cooperating with iPrint. Dean and Devon at Novell are working through the internal procedures at the moment so all beta test sites have early access to this iPrint update. The plan was to have this available last week but it’s been delayed. Dean is aiming to have all approved and available on Thursday the 21st.

In the meantime please regularly check this Blog for any news. Also if you have any questions or what a sneak peek, please check out the announcement and/or feel free to email me at support.


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