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It’s print management in the cloud, the PaperCut way

PaperCut’s built a cloud-native platform for print management. Cool, huh!

When I first heard about the project three years ago, my first thought was: “Hmm, I wonder how they’ll get the printers into the cloud.”

Unfortunately, I said that thought out loud.

Fortunately, when I said it, the developers thought I was being funny, so we all had a good laugh at me being funny, and I think I got away with it.

As time went by, and I learnt about the developing platform’s tech, I was suitably impressed. I mean, it’s one thing to shift to cloud print management because you want to do away with print servers, but that’s not the best move if it’s going to slow the printing experience down for users. After all, sending print jobs up to a virtual print server in the cloud is totally going to slow your workplace down.

Which is why our platform, which magically transforms workplace computers and devices into nodes in an Edge Mesh (yes, that’s some serious IoT tech right there), is cloud done right for print management. Print jobs stay in the workplace – great for security and great for speed. And not a server in sight!

Watch this video about print management … in the cloud

Ready for an overview of how it all works? Watch this video …

Solving print management in the cloud with PaperCut!

That’s it in a nutshell. Well, ok, in a video. Print management in the cloud that’s seriously secure, super speedy, and stunningly simple.

Right, so there are three things I’m going to offer you here. And you can choose one, two, or all three (or none, but that’d be totally boring for you, so I don’t recommend choosing none).

  1. This link takes you to a thrilling (and long) story about printing and the cloud. Did I say it’s a long read? It’s a long read - pack an overnight bag.
  2. Meanwhile, this link takes you to PaperCut Pocket’s beta site. You can sign up to take it for a spin if you like.
  3. And if I lost you at cloud, this link takes you to our blog series on the basics of cloud and print management.

Or maybe you just want to check out our cloud-native platform.



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