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Getting ready for PaperCut 5.2

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks working and testing the PaperCut Quota 5.2 release. We’ll be making 5.2 available for public download some time next week. We’ve had a number of more complicated items on the TODO list for some time and have tackled them in this release. One of the big areas is Active Directory integration. We still have many customers (around 20%) still running Windows NT and the NT domain model. We feel that it’s important to continue to support these customers. This has made Active Directory integration difficult. Our approach in the 5.2 release should however fit the best of both worlds – we still continue to offer NT style domain support while offering a number of improvements in our Active Directory synchronization options. The new options are made available to users making user of this technology.

Some other highlights include:

  • Option to automatically refund canceled jobs

  • Automatic highlighting of jobs canceled part way through printing (i.e. a candidate for full or partial refund)

  • “One Click” refund options in both the standard Administration Console and the Web Tools interface.

  • Improved User Inquiry Tool with system tray and popup features.

  • Improved installation and deployment scripts for the client tools

  • Many little interface and usability clean-up items

Many thanks to all the people to took the time to write to us with suggestions and our key customers for giving us feedback on what they feel is most important. Special mention to some of our UK users that took extra time to put down their ideas in writing.

Keep an eye out on the website next week!


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