PaperCut for Education

Manage student and staff printing

Print management designed for education

Join thousands of schools and universities around the world who save money by monitoring and controlling printing.

Start tracking users immediately, PaperCut is cost effective and straightforward for the smallest school or the largest multi-campus university.

Our Education Partnerships

As a Google for Education Premier Partner, we work closely with Google to create innovative printing solutions for users of G Suite, Chromebooks, and beyond. By collaborating with the best people to deliver the best products, we empower students worldwide to focus on what matters: learning.

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Monitor and control student and staff printing

  • Track and budget staff printing by faculty, department, class or year level.
  • Change the way students print with reminders to encourage positive behavior.
  • Pass the costs to the highest users with pay-per-use.
  • Assign student or department print quotas.
  • Use online payment gateways for easy fund transfers from banks or others like PayPal.
  • Automatically update student lists with directory integration.
  • Offer choice and freedom to print from whatever device is at their disposal.

Stop unlimited prints

You don't want your precious funds ending up as wasted paper in recycle bins.

Account for every page printed and stop any careless waste with some simple tools.

You'll prevent the "naughty" student pranks too!

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The right solution for K-12 to Higher Education

The feature-set every school should have

  • Simple to use. Get up and running in minutes.
  • Quota or charge student printing to control usage.
  • Allow staff to be allocated to a faculty or department.
  • Watermark printing with student names and dates.
  • Change behavior with alerts and pop-up reminders.
  • Print from any BYOD or mobile device.

Control it all - copier usage and more

All the features of NG plus:

  • Find-Me printing, have one global print queue.
  • Also tracking of copy, fax and scan.
  • Securely release documents only when present.
  • Works with any fleet of MFDs, single or mixed brands.
  • Supported through our Certified Partner network.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on PaperCut

  • Coveris
  • The University of Melbourne
  • PSL Group
  • UK Wealth Management
  • Wall Templeton
  • "By implementing scripts for color saving and assigning print jobs to central accounts we reached £50k in savings in just thirteen months! Papercut just keeps getting better with every release."

  • "With well designed interfaces and an excellent support service, we have implemented PaperCut University-wide and have been tracking student printing and saving on costs since 2008."

  • "We were looking for a cost-effective product that would cut our printing and consumables costs... and here it is! PaperCut does a great job and the easy installation and configurations makes it even more attractive."

  • "We need to make intelligent decisions about our print management as well implement a solution for accurate recharging and to raise awareness of the financial and environmental cost of printing. PaperCut ticked every box and then some and slotted perfectly into our network environment."

  • "PaperCut is a huge time-saver - with easy access straight from the desktop, it maintains all of our print management accounting for us and provides excellent print security."