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PaperCut gives a UK school better print reporting as well as significant budget savings


Cutting to the chase


Brentwood school’s printing costs were “spiraling out of control”.


PaperCut gave them visibility on printing and encouraged waste reduction.


PaperCut also allowed the school to keep track of laminating and binding costs.

Brentwood School is an independent day and boarding school, located in Brentwood, Essex, England. Founded in 1557, the school is set over 72 acres in the center of the town. Some of Brentwood’s notable former students include author Douglas Adams, comedian Griff Rhys Jones, and fashion designer Sir Hardy Amies.

Another former student is Sarbjeet “Sarb” Singh, who has returned to the school as IT Manager. He reveals that prior to the installation of PaperCut the existing print management system had some issues. “We had a printing software solution up and running, which was good at the time, but it was really expensive – particularly for the education sector."

“I still remember the (PaperCut) demo to this day. The simplicity of it, and how easy it was to use really stood out – even in that first meeting.”"

- Sarb Singh,

IT Manager, Brentwood School, Essex, England


With over 1,500 students and nearly 150 staff, the Brentwood School has significant printing requirements. It currently runs a network of more than a hundred printers across its campus.

The impetus for a change to the system was the increasing print costs the school was facing. They were “spiraling out of control,” according to Sarb. And, to make things worse, there was no way to monitor who was doing the printing, how much was being done, and for what reasons.

“We needed to put some rules in place so that we could control our spending and have better visibility on our printing behavior,” reveals Sarb.

He went looking for a more cost-effective printing solution that would, at the same time, solve some of the other challenges the school was facing.


Pretty quickly, Sarb discovered PaperCut and felt sure it was the answer to their needs. “I still remember the demo to this day. The simplicity of it, and how easy it was to use really stood out – even in that first meeting.”

But convincing an IT Manager is one thing, convincing the staff and students another. “Initially, like with any change, users asked, ‘Why do we need to do this?’ We made sure everything was set up to be really simple for them – we didn’t want to overcomplicate things, or add additional work,” says Sarb.

“We showed them the raw cost of printing each time they printed. People realized it was coming off their virtual allowance, so they began adopting a real ‘think before you print’ mentality.”

It’s also been a real hit with department heads, thanks to intuitive and detailed reporting. Not to mention, it’s made Sarb’s job a whole lot easier.

“People can login themselves and take control of their area. PaperCut’s just easy to get around – even for a novice. I think the last time I logged in myself was about a month ago!”


With visibility and accountability sorted, Sarb moved on to another pain point for the Brentwood community – managing print-related tasks that aren’t printing.

“There was no way of keeping a log of secondary printing tasks, like laminating and binding… It was the one big piece that was missing for us.” The answer came thanks to Job Ticketing – PaperCut’s solution for unifying every task across every type of print room. “Everyone’s finding it super easy to use. They can upload files and select what needs to be done from a predefined list, just like a shopping cart.”

Outside the print room, Job Ticketing’s notifications functionality offers real convenience, considering Brentwood’s campus size. “The school is huge, so if a teacher from the nursery needs to go to the print room, it’d be a 15-minute walk – and Job Ticketing notifies that teacher when their job’s ready for collection.”

Sarb certainly puts PaperCut at the top of the class. “I was after a ‘one-stop shop’ printing solution, and I really haven’t looked back after implementing PaperCut. It keeps getting better and better.”