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PaperCut MF 13.3 Build #23456 was released on Monday 19th August, 2013. This build included a new “Anonymized User” feature, which unfortunately introduced a subtle bug that double-charged the end user for each print, scan, copy or fax and web-cashier transactions. The affected users saw a corresponding credit reduction in their PaperCut account.

As a result, PaperCut has withdrawn build 23456 from distribution and developed a replacement build: 23540. Build 23540 automatically corrects any duplicate transactions created by build 23456.

The Anonymized User feature is now planned for release 13.4.

If you have installed PaperCut MF Build 23456 in Production

Please update immediately to build 23540 (or a more recent build if available).

  • Build 23540 will run a database check on startup and automatically correct any duplicate transactions created by build 23456.
  • After starting build 23540, view your App. Log and look for an entry similar to this:
    Found and corrected 12 duplicate transactions. Find the detailed report of corrections in file: C:\Program Files\PaperCut MF\server\data\duplicate-txn-report-20130822T181149.csv
  • Review the CSV report specified in the App. Log message for more details on the affected transactions and corrections applied.

If you have already manually credited some users for some duplicate transactions, you will need to reverse these credits after installing build 23540. You may use the CSV report to identify any transactions that may be affected.


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