PaperCut MF Release Cycle FAQ

At PaperCut, we're committed to releasing often to ensure both partners and customers can take advantage of the latest features and enhancements.

Feedback from our partners and customers has fed into how we release software.

PaperCut MF Release Cycle

What is Early Access?

Early Access is designed to give you a pathway to the latest features ahead of general release.

The Early Access build is market ready, it is not a BETA or pilot phase. It is an opportunity for you to get your hands on the latest release and provide feedback.

We want to make sure that we've got relationships with people who are innovators and ground breakers. And we want to be upfront with those who need a mission critical solution, that the offering is not yet battle hardened.

What products are included in Early Access?

Currently PaperCut MF is in Early Access when first released to customers. PaperCut MF is a more complex product than PaperCut NG due to the addition of embedded hardware functionality. With hundreds or even thousands of models and firmware combinations out in the field, issues can be uncovered that we were unable to find in testing.

This gives customers the choice to spread the new release installs over time. It also gives customers who may not have an immediate need for the new features, the choice to remain with the current build version.

How does Early Access work?

If you choose to download the Early Access build, and register your details (we encourage, but not require this), you receive:

  • A dedicated email address for Premium support, a direct line of communication to our product and development teams,
  • Notifications on any issues discovered and what that means for you, and
  • Be able to provide feedback to PaperCut on your installation, keeping you on the front foot.

How long is Early Access?

Once the release has been out on the ground for a few weeks we will take it out of Early Access. We'll notify everyone through our usual channels when we are in General Release.

Who is Early Access applicable to?

For customers who like to be involved in the latest releases - Early Access is for you. Taking on Early Access makes you a part of the inner circle, working more closely with support teams and software developers with access to the latest features.

It's your choice to opt-in to Early Access, if there's not an immediate need for the new features, we recommend remaining with the current build version.

Register for Early Access

Register for a current or ongoing PaperCut MF Early Access Releases using the signup form.

All through a dedicated email address available after registration.

What if I have PaperCut NG?

PaperCut NG is available in General Release and not included in Early Access. PaperCut MF is a more complex product than PaperCut NG due to the addition of embedded hardware functionality. If you would like to upgrade from PaperCut NG to PaperCut MF, register for a trial.

What is General Release?

Once our team and partners are satisfied with the stability of the PaperCut MF build in market, we will lift the term Early Access.

If you have registered for Early Access, you will receive direct notification when the release is out of Early Access. The general release will also be promoted through our in product dashboard and the PaperCut web site.

What is a Maintenance Release?

To provide you with more enhancements, fixes, and patches, PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF Maintenance Releases are being delivered every 3 weeks.

These updates will help to keep PaperCut products fine tuned.