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This page lists known issues or bugs with PaperCut (print control/quotas) on Novell OES Linux.

PaperCut NG/MF 18.2.3 for iPrint does not work on anything other than OES 2018

From PaperCut 18.2.3, the novell-print-provider was built on an OES 2018 machine which made it incompatible for older versions of iPrint and SLES (such as any of the existing iPrint appliances). This was due to a glibc incompatibility between versions of SLES. PaperCut’s novell-print-provider will be fixed in 18.2.6 and a hotfix for an earlier release can be provided on request.

PaperCut Application Server fails to start on OES 2018

OES 2018 has moved to use systemd and as part of systemd, PaperCut runs the Application Server as the group “papercut”. The group that is used for running the services is specified in /etc/systemd/system/pc-app-server.service. This file either needs to be modified to refer to an existing group or the papercut group needs to be added to the system. On other Linux systems, the PaperCut instructions cause the papercut group to be created.

PaperCut’s iPrint Print Provider does not support Email to Print or Google Cloud Print

Currently, PaperCut’s iPrint accounting agent (Print Provider) does not support processing of “spooled jobs” which are a queue of jobs to print which PaperCut uses for Email to Print and Google Cloud Print.

Print jobs fail to appear in the jobs pending release list

In some situations, jobs sent to a hold and release queue will fail to show up in the jobs pending release list. The PaperCut print provider service will get the pre-notification message which should be followed relatively immediately by the Novell print provider stating it created the job. However, the job-create message eludes the PaperCut print provider for some reason.

As it turns out, these are symptoms of the workstation’s remote renderer not communicating correctly with the iPrint Appliance. To confirm this, launch the spool file directory on the iPrint Appliance and check whether job submission generates only a PDF file without its spool file counterpart. If the spool file is missing, please re-install the remote render software on the affected workstation. A customer report confirmed that re-installing the remote renderer restored full communication to the iPrint Appliance and correctly generated the job’s corresponding PDF and spool files.

Slow printing from MS Office when iPrint queues contain many jobs.

When using PaperCut with hold/release queues or find-me printing, the iPrint queues may contain many jobs awaiting release. When printing from Microsoft Office (e.g. Microsoft Word) the application queries the status of all the print jobs in the queue. Novell iPrint takes a long time to respond to these queries resulting in slowness in the MS Office print dialogs from appearing.

This affects all versions of iPrint up to and including OES 6.3 SP3.

Novell are aware of the issue and have raised an internal bug (#700160).

As of 2nd December 2011, Novell have notified us they have a fix in testing for this problem. If you would like access to this fix, please contact Novell Support and reference the bug #700160.

This fix is expected to be included in upcoming Novell iPrint releases.

Special “debug” versions of iPrint will not work with PaperCut

In some situations Novell support engineers will install a special debug version of iPrint. Debug versions of iPrint are not compatible with the autoload command provided by PaperCut. The main behaviour observed is that the iPrint ipsmd services will not start after papercut is added to the autoload command.

To run PaperCut with a debug version of iPrint, PaperCut needs to be recompiled with special debug flags against the matching debug version. If you’re working with the Novell support team to diagnose an issue and PaperCut needs to be enabled during this diagnostic, please contact our support team. We’ll look into the possibility of supplying a matching compatible debug version of PaperCut.

Warning to customers running HP ToolboxFX status tool

Some large sites running PaperCut on Novell OES Linux has seen high iPrint (ipsmd) CPU usage if network has HP printers are the HP ToolboxFX status tool has been deployed along with the driver. It seems like this tool excessively “pings” the printer for status information and does not scale well across large networks. The solution is to deploy the standard network driver only (no extra tools).

Cluster resource script configuration

Sites running PaperCut on an OES Cluster who are upgrading to version 10.5+ may need to update their cluster resource scripts after upgrade. The installer should warn you. To summarize, change the line:

   exit_on_error /etc/init.d/papercutcups start


   exit_on_error /etc/init.d/papercut-event-monitor start

(This service was renamed as it now does more than just CUPS management - it also does server connection monitoring for the new event resend feature.)

Crash bug in iPrint (ipsmd) on OES2 Linux SP2

The default iPrint that ships with OES2 Linux SP2 contains a bug where after enabling PaperCut via the Accounting autoload command iPrint may crash after receiving a print job.


  • Jobs do not print after enabling PaperCut on the printer
  • Errors may appear in the iPrint logs (ipsmd.log)

Known Workarounds:

  • Contact Novell support and ask for the latest iprint update compatible with PaperCut. It’s filed under TID 7005723. Ensure the update is suitable for OES2 SP2 and your architecture. (the version should be novell-iprint-server-6.2.20100414–0.4 or later)

Rare crash bug in iPrint (ipsmd) on OES2 Linux SP1

The default iPrint that ships with OES2 Linux SP1 contains a bug where canceling a job may occasionally crash ipsmd. This is a bug in iPrint, however the introduction of PaperCut may “exaggerate” it. On a normal network, the “cancel job” operation would only be used occasionally - say by an administrator canceling a job to unblock a jammed print queue. PaperCut being a print control application however cancels jobs from time to time as part of standard operation - e.g. a user running out of quota. The fact that the cancel operation is called more often causes this bug to surface more often.


  • Errors may appear in PaperCut’s print-provider.log - Unable to cancel job error number: 1349320716 (0×506D0012)
  • Errors may appear in the iPrint logs (ipsmd.log)
  • The papercut accounting autoload command may be listed as a <defunct> process (this is because the parent process has died and left us in a zombie/orphaned state as explained here).

Known Workarounds:

  • Contact Novell support and ask for the latest iprint update compatible with PaperCut. It’s filed under TID 7004872

User identity security problem

Some PaperCut sites have reported an issue where the wrong username being logged against jobs in PaperCut. This issue was tracked down an iPrint bug where the iPrint client software is not correctly flushing the iPrint client cache. Novell have a guide on how to ‘resolve’ the issue (clear iPrint’s cache on logout) TID 7005753 . We hope an official fix will be available soon.


  • Jobs are identified in PaperCut under the wrong username.

Known Workarounds:

  • See Novell TID 7005753.

NWUSERNAME is no longer available in Windows 7 and Windows Vista


  • Logon scripts that utilize the NWUSERNAME variable no longer work properly.
  • PaperCut’s User Client is reporting the wrong username.


  • Use the following command to set the variable:

More information is available from the Novell website.

General Discussion/Comments (History)

  • Update 14th April 2009 - The Novell iPrint team have released a patch, however it is yet to make it out via official channels. Please email for more information and details on how to access the “unofficial” patch!
  • Update 17th June 2009 - The Novell iPrint team have again supplied us with a new set of patches. Again we are able to supply on request. Please email for more information and details on how to access patch!
  • Update 23rd June 2009 - The next release of PaperCut (version 9.5) will have a number of changes that we hope will reduce the probability of the iPrint bug occurring (e.g. thread synchronization changes). The following hotfix may be applied to existing 9.x installs:
     su - papercut
     cd ~
     tar -zcf pre-fix-backup.tgz providers/print/linux-*
     tar -zxf novell-oes-hotfix-2009–06–24.tgz
     su - root
Then restart The iPrint Print Manager or simply restart the server to apply.
  • Update 4th August 2009 - We’ve been working with the iPrint team to QA a recent iPrint build (20090731–1). This version shows lots of promise. We’ve run thousands of jobs through via our automated testing procedures and have not had any crashes. We’re working with Novell to make this an official release that we can make available to PaperCut users.
  • Update 14th August 2009 - Novell have decided to make the 20090731–1 available as an official patch. That’s the version we’ve tested in house with great promise. Should be available in the next few days. I’ll post an update here.
  • Update 11th September 2009 - Hooray! Looks like we’ve finally found and fixed the remaining race-condition related bugs. We’ve put some additional synchronization logic in our code and also the iPrint team has done the same. We were seeing some issues on customer sites running on some very fast multi-processor systems and the latest round of fixes has addressed these issues. Novell are going to make the update available as an official update/hotfix soon. If you’re running on a fast multi-core/processor system and need access to the fix now, please email us at support.
  • Update October 2009 - Latest 9.6 release of PaperCut with latest iPrint patches have proved to be very stable with no issues reported on the high volume sites. We’ve also now got PaperCut running on clustered iPrint servers. Official cluster setup documentation will be incorporated into the 9.7 release. If you require early access to cluster support, please email us at support.
  • Update October 2009 - We’ve had a few of the larger sites sites report slow printing performance after applying one of the Novell patches provided to address stability issues above. If you’re seeing slow printing, please email support and we can supply a newer patch that addresses this. More information here under TID 7004872.
  • Update 28th October 2009 - PaperCut now works on OES Linux clusters. 9.7 will include official setup documentation however if you require early access, please email us at support.
  • Update November 2009 - There seems to be a regression OES2 SP2. After upgrading, some customers have reported that the iPrint server crashes. We’re working with Novell to resolve this issue. In the meantime we recommend sticking to SP1 and delaying any upgrade.
  • Update December 2009 - Novell have issued a hotfix for the regression in OES2 SP2 (listed as bug 555918). Customer’s running SP2 should ensure they are running version 6.2.20091222 or higher. We have this patch available, however in line with Novell’s support procedure, please contact Novell to obtain this patch through official channels.
  • 15th January 2010 - Novell have issued a hotfix for the regression in OES2 SP2 (listed as bug 555918). It’s now available under official support channels via TID 7004872.
  • 24th April 2010 - Novell have issued another iPrint update under TID 7005723. I added some extra locking and rate-limiting to our code a while back to work around the problems this update fixes so it was rare for live sites to see this problem under normal load. I still however recommend the update.
  • 29th September 2010 - Added new iPrint issue related to user identity issue discussed in TID 7005753.
  • 21st February 2011 - Updated website to indicate support for Novell OES2 Linux SP3 after internal testing and no reported problems.
  • 15th March 2012 - Fixed possible crashing in PaperCut with handling of long document names (around 1K and larger) when debug logging is used. This will be incorporated into the upcoming release of PaperCut 12.2.

The PaperCut development team working on the print control solution for Novell iPrint will continue to post updates here as they become available.

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