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Update - 10th October 2012:

After upgrading to iOS 6 on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, users may no longer be able to access PaperCut tracked and controlled printers. This is has been addressed in version 12.4.19158. Please download this version and install. You’ll need to perform the upgrade on both the Primary PaperCut Server (Application Server) and the Mac system hosting the iOS AirPrint queues.

Legacy Information

Hotfix Issued - 21st September 2012

The following hotfix may be applied to an existing installation of PaperCut that is at least version 12.3 or later.

To apply the hotfix:

Note: some basic command prompt experience required.

1. Log into your Mac system responsible for hosting the iOS shared print queues.
2. Download the hotfix pc-iosprint-hotfix-2012-09-21.tgz on the server into your current home directory (e.g. /Users/admin)
3. Open a command prompt (i.e. Terminal)
4. Type the following commands:
If the file in your home directory is end’s in tgz
       tar zxf pc-iosprint-hotfix-2012–09–21.tgz
       sudo cp pc-iosprint ~papercut/providers/iosprint/mac/pc-iosprint
Or, if the file in your home directory ends in tar (i.e. Safari unzipped it for you)
       tar xf pc-iosprint-hotfix-2012–09–21.tar
       sudo cp pc-iosprint ~papercut/providers/iosprint/mac/pc-iosprint
(enter your password if requested)
5. Restart the system and test.

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