Known Issues with Google Cloud Print Integration

PaperCut is fully committed to helping customers and partners make the best use of our technology. A key part of that is transparency and full disclosure of issues that may affect how well the solution works for you. If something is causing you particular concern please contact PaperCut support.

PaperCut’s integration with Google Cloud Print was introduced with Release 13.5 under Early Access and continues to be supported in current releases. Google constantly makes improvements on their products, similar in how we make improvements to PaperCut. This can sometimes lead to 3rd party integrations not working as they previously had. Known issues are reported here and will be addressed by the development team as soon as possible.

Looking for an alternative to GCP?

If you’re after an alternative to GCP, check out PaperCut Mobility Print. It provides you a simple way to print from your Mobile & BYOD devices like iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows and MacOS. We have a migration article over here

Email from Google about Cloud-Ready printers no longer functioning after March 2018

You may have received an email from Google stating that Cloud-Ready printers in your organization may not have been updated by your printer manufacturers and are still trusting certificates that are expiring in the coming months. These printers contain firmware that relies on expiring security certificates. They require an update from the printer manufacturer

In the email, Google mentions that if you are using a third-party printing provider to process Cloud Print connectivity (e.g., PaperCut), that you may not be impacted and to reach out to your provider.

We have reviewed the changes and the Google Cloud Print printers published using PaperCut NG/MF will not be affected. Our Google Cloud Print integration employs the Java runtime, which by default doesn’t verify certificate expiry dates.

Google has published a Help Center article that discusses the change:

Publishing printers via Google Cloud Print causes an error to occur (Resolved in 16.2 Build 37798)

When attempting to publish new printers to Google Cloud Print, the following error message is displayed in PaperCuts admin UI: An unknown error occurred while publishing this printer to Google Cloud Print. Please see the server.log file or contact support for assistance.

Our analysis has identified a recent change made on Googles side which is causing this failure. We are actively working with Google to identify a path to resolve this, and will update this page as more information becomes available.

Jobs stop printing (they stay as “Queued” in the Google Cloud Print job list) (Resolved in 14.0 Build 26241)

There were several issues that resulted in new GCP jobs failing to process, resulting in the jobs staying in the GCP job list with a Queued status. We have worked out resolutions for these issues with Google’s Cloud Print team.

The %verify-link% may use the incorrect hostname

The %verify-link% variable is based on the detected hostname of the PaperCut Application Server. This will be a ‘shortname’ such as papercut or printserver. If you require a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) you can override this easily by going to OptionsAdvanced → Server Address section. Select DNS, enter the FQDN then scroll down and press Apply. This will automatically update the Config Key: (which can also be manually edited via the config editor.)

This will change PaperCut from using the ‘shortname’ to the string in the above config key. The updated string will be used in multiple locations so please ensure that the FQDN is valid and works both internally and externally to your network.

Page size selection does not work for some CUPS based printers and drivers

When printing with Google Cloud Print to a printer managed by a CUPS based print server (Mac or Linux), the requested page size may not be observed. When this problem is seen, it appears that the default page size for the print server’s locale is always used. There are several contributing factors, including the version of CUPS and the print driver and printer used.

At the time of writing we have not yet isolated this problem to a specific set of preconditions. If you are experiencing problems setting paper size, please report the issue to PaperCut Support and provide debug print provider logs and spool files.

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