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This article applies to organizations in the state of South Australia, and has been kindly contributed by PaperCut user Al at Westnet.

DECS has given us the opportunity to use a Dual ISP configuration to gain faster internet speeds within schools. Previously we used a system contracted by DECS called eduConnect. It provided a filtering and accounting system for staff & students. The new system uses Internode as the ISP and an onsite machine for filtering and accounting, the only problem is they haven’t provided accounting software. This is where Papercut comes in. However DECS doesn’t offer any support for Papercut.

The unofficial recommendation is, as you suggest, to install Papercut on both the Domain controller and the proxy server.

The problems I encountered was the configuring of ISA to run with Papercut, in particular the omission of instructions regarding the creation of the ‘Internet User’ folder in Local Groups on the proxy server. The remainder of your instructions are quite clear.

The other problem is once all set up the ‘Authenticated Users’ in ISA override the new ‘Internet Users’ group and hence no restrictions are put on users even when they are removed from the ‘Internet Users’ group. Therefore the Authenticated Users group needs to be disabled.

Below is a screenshot of the ISA rules provided by Al.

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