Email to Print via OSX Email Client

This article concerns the Email to print feature when running Mac OSX.

When using Mac OSX Mail while attempting to add attachments they are normally embedded into the body of the email as seen below.

When using PaperCut’s email to print feature, the email attachment needs to be sent along with the email and not embedded into the body of the message. On OSX there are two options available

Option 1 - Single Use

If you would like to control how the attachments are added per email you can ctrl+click the PDF document embedded into the email and choose from the menu View As Icon. The PDF will be sent attached to the email instead of embedded.

Picking the option to View as Icon will allow the PDF document to be attached to the email as seen below.

Option 2 - Permanent Use

If you would like to permanently enable this feature for all emails. Close and exit the Apple Mail application, open terminal as an administrative user type.

defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing –bool yes

This will enable this attachment feature for all future emails.

Please see below for an example screen grab showing the command.

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