Currency Symbol for User Client Not Displaying Correctly

PaperCut displays currency symbols for the PaperCut client by calling into the operating systems language using Unicode. Some operating system updates have caused the currency symbol in certain languages to display incorrect characters. One example is Apple’s 10.8.4 update, which has caused the South Korean Won (₩) to display as a backslash (\).

Reporting the problem

If you see similar behavior in your PaperCut installation, please email with the language you are using in the Locale section (see below) of the PaperCut administration interface, and the current version of PaperCut you are running.

The locale you are currently using can be found by opening the PaperCut web administration interface and navigating to OptionsDisplay OptionsLocation.


To have the PaperCut client display the correct currency symbol, simply copy the currency symbol from XE, then navigating to the PaperCut administration interface and navigate to OptionsDisplay OptionsUse custom currency sign, then paste the symbol into the textbox.

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