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PaperCut Hive keeps research institute’s printed documents confidential

Indiana Biosciences Research Institute

Cutting to the chase


Security, confidentiality, cost recovery, and ease-of-use


Simple serverless cloud printing with PaperCut Hive


Simplicity, compliance, visibility, and cost savings

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute [IBRI] is a leading translational research center that advances academic and industry science. 

IBRI bridges the gap between corporate and academic biosciences, fusing the worlds of academia, industry, and government research. Their research started with treatments for diabetes and expanded to apply to other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. 

IBRI’s Director of IT & Applications, Jacob Smith, was on the lookout for a simple and secure print solution to protect their confidential documents and recover print costs.

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I would highly recommend PaperCut Hive as the solution for meeting most needs.”

Jacob Smith
Director of IT & Applications, IBRI


Security, confidentiality, cost recovery, and ease-of-use

IBRI’s document output contained sensitive and confidential information. Their main pain point was uncollected print jobs. They needed to stop documents from being left behind at printers.

Says Jacob: “Having a secure print solution was essential to making sure we could print those documents safely, and not have eyes on something that shouldn’t be seen.”

In addition to compliance, they needed high visibility of their hardcopy documents. They required a tool to track print jobs to recover costs.


Simple serverless cloud printing with PaperCut Hive

IBRI began using a competitor product, but its reliance on Active Directory created incompatibility problems. This previous solution also didn’t help with tracking and recovering costs.

PaperCut Hive ticked their boxes for ease-of-use and cost recovery, in a seamless installation experience, says Jacob: “I’ve had very little that needed to be installed on-premises for PaperCut Hive.”

The Edge Mesh architecture suited IBRI’s existing infrastructure, and its cloud printing functionality provided simple and quick printing: “We rely on the Cloud Node for printing quite a bit. It doesn’t matter what network we’re connected to; we can print to PaperCut Hive and then release that to our printers.”


Simplicity, compliance, visibility, and savings

PaperCut Hive provided the security, accountability, and easy printing experience IBRI was looking for: “With PaperCut Hive, we don’t have confidential information left at printers. We know who’s printing, how many pages, so we can recover those costs when we need to,” says Jacob.

The solution not only helped recover costs, but cut print spend: “PaperCut Hive nudges us to print in black and white, which saves us a lot in our printing.”

Not only did it help save and recover costs, but the solution itself also didn’t have a large financial impact: “Our final ‘go’ was PaperCut Hive proved that it could meet all of the things we needed it to do without having a high overhead. And that included both our employees and the non-employees who are on our site.”