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Italian life sciences company promotes ‘conscious’ printing with PaperCut Hive

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Cutting to the chase


Reduce print costs and environmental impact


Serverless printing with cloud-native solution, PaperCut Hive


‘Conscious’, sustainable, and GDPR compliant printing

Founded in Florence in 1950, Giunti Psychometrics is the first Italian publisher of psychometric tests and tools. The company develops and publishes science-based psychological assessments that support specialists’ work in mental health, talent management, school orientation, private organizations, and the public sector.

Sustainability is one of the pillars on which Giunti Psychometrics is founded. For years the company has focused on social and environmental responsibility. This commitment extends to its daily activities to follow practices that respect the environment and people.

This sustainability driver resulted in a specific program that focused on the control of printing activities with the aim of reducing printing costs and paper consumption.

The solution allows us to be attentive to the environment and waste."

- Tommaso Salsetta,

IT Manager, Giunti Psychometrics


Reduce print costs and environmental impact

As part of a company-wide push for sustainable business practices, Giunti Psychometrics wanted to reduce printing costs and paper waste.

To help achieve this, they looked to rollout company-wide policies such as double-sided printing and—for basic jobs such as email printing—black and white printing.

They began with a demo of PaperCut MF, however, Giunti Psychometrics was committed to exploring a serverless solution, and a server-based solution didn’t suit their infrastructure.


Serverless printing with cloud-native solution, PaperCut Hive

Given the impossibility of installing a solution on the company server, a POC (Proof of Concept) was carried out with PaperCut Hive, our cloud-native print solution.

Unlike PaperCut MF, PaperCut Hive does not require a dedicated IT infrastructure, thus reducing maintenance and management costs.

The solution was extended to the entire Giunti Psychometrics print fleet. Thanks to the SaaS formula (Software as a Service), Giunti did not need to lay down any initial investment, only a subscription fee that allows immediate access to the latest features.

“We were very happy with our choice,” says Tommaso Salsetta, IT Manager at Giunti Psychometrics Italia. “The interface is simple and easy to use. We really appreciated the way you install the app on a mobile device, because it automatically registers your user.”


‘Conscious printing’ and GDPR compliance

PaperCut Hive provided Giunti with the feature-rich print management and monitoring functionality they were looking for to reduce their printing costs and environmental impact.

“The solution allows us to be attentive to the environment and waste,” continues Tommaso. “Of particular interest to us are the forecast indicators on paper and toner consumption. The logs also allow us to retrieve all the details of the device activities.”

On top of the waste and cost reduction, PaperCut Hive also made their business more compliant: “We also had the approval and appreciation from the legal department as the solution makes us GDPR compliant,” says Tommaso.