60 million sheets printed and counting

Australian Food and Liquor Retailer

  • Unattended printing risked users reprinting already binned documents
  • Release Stations and new touch screen printers with PaperCut MF on board enable secure printing
  • An immediate 25% reduction in prints was seen saving costs and the environment

Management Need

Reducing waste from 4000 active users across 180 printers was paramount for this large Australian retailer’s head office. Printouts were at risk of being binned if users forgot to collect their documents and even worse, reprinted the next day. Availability of printers for users was also an issue, if one went offline, users would have to attempt to map to another printer or server to print.

The Solution

Supported by their Managed Print Provider, the installation of PaperCut MF along with compatible MFDs and Mifare Card readers was quick and easy. New touch screen printers that allowed PaperCut MF to be installed on the devices, along with older models that had no touch interface were all included. The retailer deployed Fast Release Stations to capture user logins on older models, making the much needed Find-Me Printing accessible across the fleet. Proximity dots or building access passes enable users to perform self association for log in at the device.

Virtual queues are set up across servers, controlled by group policies, so no matter what location their employees were in (or from), their users could print and release in any building, at any printer.

The PaperCut MF Admin Dashboard is used extensively each day by the IT team to keep printing under control. Using the Devices page to discover what printers are offline keeps downtime for the now 285 printers to a minimum.

The Result

From the installation of PaperCut MF, the immediate benefit was a 25% reduction in wasted prints, as found through Executive Reports, allowing for comparative monthly analysis. When the company was hovering at up to 25M pages per year, that’s a huge cost and environmental saving. Rules such as standardized duplexing, irrespective of printer settings also helps to keep waste down.

The team can quickly fix printers offline with email inbox alerts so any possible downtime is minimized for the end users.

The IT team appreciate how PaperCut MF makes it incredibly easy to reset a printer when relocations occur, without needing to physically walk to every one and perform commands at the panel. Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) networking allows the printer to contact the PaperCut server, which in turn enables the team to locate the IP address of each printer, and remotely access it to complete the move.

PaperCut MF has now been rolled out to the retailers support centers and supply chain administration offices across Australia, with a primary print server at head office and a secondary print server supporting the rest of the country to eliminate waste across the organization.

Start seeing cost savings, to the environment and your bottom line.

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