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Meet a PaperCutter: EP05 Chris the founder

Welcome back to Meet a PaperCutter. It’s time for a brand new episode, and you’re in for a special treat for our first episode of 2020.

[podcast url=https://storage.googleapis.com/cdn1.papercut.com/web/blog/podcasts/Meet-a-PaperCutter-05-Chris-the-founder.mp3]

While it wasn’t called PaperCut initially, the company that we are now all so familiar with was created over 20 years ago by CEO and co-founder Chris Dance. While Chris was visiting the UK a few weeks ago I got the chance to sit down with him to chat about:

  • the early days of PaperCut
  • what excites him about print management
  • what future things he’s excited about.

PaperCut CEO Chris Dance really likes coffee

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