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Meet a PaperCutter: EP03 Laura the people and culturer

Welcome back to Meet a PaperCutter. It’s time for episode 3, and between you and me, this is my favorite one we’ve published so far.

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This time around, I sat down with our talent manager, Laura Paton. Not only did we talk about what she gets up both at the office and in her downtime, but we also dived into what makes amazing culture, why it’s important to be T-shaped, and even a couple of insider tips if you think PaperCut might be the next destination for you.

Laura the PaperCutter with her favored cuppa (wait, that’s … that’s not coffee)

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And if this is the first time you’ve joined us, welcome! Episode 1 and 2 were pretty awesome, so I’ll drop the links down below so you can catch up :)

EPISODE 1 - Rebecca the marketer

EPISODE 2 - Desha the customer carer


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