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Alec and his beloved print management integrations

I’m pretty handy at sorting out my mother-in-law’s internet problems. And my wife’s Word worries. And my brother’s laptop viruses. Yep, I’m a pretty big deal in my family when it comes to IT stuff.

That being said, when I catch up for a chat with resident API geek Alec Clews, I’m a little out of my league. Alec’s in charge of PaperCut’s print management integrations , you see. And it’s fair to say he’s more techy in his approach than “try turning it off and on again”.

[podcast url=" https://cdn1.papercut.com/web/blog/podcasts/181024 Integrations with Alec.mp3 "]

I probed Alec for a better understanding of the role that 3rd party integrations play in the PaperCut ecosystem. Because if I’m honest, my knowledge of integrations is pretty much limited to the App Store on my phone.

The main takeouts I got from our chat are:

  • Alec really likes to talk about APIs
  • APIs are like that friend who’s always trying to introduce you to new friends
  • PaperCut’s got public AND private APIs
  • Officially, there are more than 50 PaperCut integrations available (unofficially it’s hundreds)
  • There are integrations that improve your print management experience in law firms, accounting firms, education - ok, pretty much any industry you can name
  • Connecting PaperCut software with accounting systems and project management tools etc. automates workflows, which is AWESOME
  • Some integrations are easy to implement, others require a little programming
  • The swipe card I use to get into the PaperCut office AND get authenticated at the printer is a mighty fine example of an integration
  • Alec REALLY likes to talk about APIs

If you’re looking for a bespoke print management solution, chances are you need to get around Alec and his integrations. You can get in touch with Alec and his team at integration-dev-support@papercut.com . And here’s the integrations page on the PaperCut website.

Listen to the full chat here (it’s only 15ish minutes).