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Release History (v7)

PaperCut NG Release History Version 7

Release history for newer versions


9 October 2007 - PaperCut 7.5 (Build 5236)


  • Added support for mid-range HP GDI printers (e.g. HP M1005).
  • Improvements to progress reporting during the user/group sync process.
  • Improved the display of user/account balances to avoid confusing rounding behavior.
  • Various documentation updates.


  • Fix the display of sub-accounts in the Account List screen when not sorting by account name.
  • Improvements to Mac login-hooks to fix problems seen at some sites.
  • Fix error that can occur when releasing jobs from the web release station after the job has already been released.
  • Improved paper size detection in Xerox wide format printers.
  • Fix cosmetic problem in the client were links would stay the active color after being clicked.

26 September 2007 - PaperCut 7.5 (Build 5189)

New features:

  • Added support for per user (and per shared account) overdrafts/credit limits.
  • Added a "local installer" to simplify installation and deployment of the user client on Mac systems. e.g. Laptop installs.
  • Added a "Release Any" mode to the end-user web pages. This can be used in environments where users are not authenticated, and is an alternative to using the standard release station in "Release Any" mode.
  • Improve ad-hoc reports to allow the user to filter the results and customize the report title.
  • In the user client, allow the background and link colors to be customized.
  • New server commands (and web-service APIs) to enumerate all users, rename a user account and to set the balance of all members of a group.
  • Improved support for printing to "unauthenticated" print queues - the "unauthenticated" accounts are no longer created in the user database. This feature, combined with the new "local installer" will assist Mac sites that allowed unauthenticated printing from laptops.


  • Display low-balance warnings when the user client starts.
  • Only send low-balance warnings to "restricted" users.
  • Improvement to user/group sync on Mac systems. Now the standard system/daemon accounts are ignored by default.
  • Allow the reports and statistics to display data over the past week and fortnight (in addition to the 30, 60 and 90 day options).
  • Change the advanced client to focus on the search field by default.
  • Improved print logs screen filters to allow only denied jobs to be displayed.
  • Warn users at the time of release if they do not have enough credit and attempt to release a job from the web-based release station.
  • Add a configurable system option to change the time-out for jobs waiting for the user to respond to the popup, or waiting to be released from a release station.
  • Allow users to choose whether job comments should be displayed in log reports.
  • Add a totals row to the account transaction report.
  • Added a denied image on the print log screen to make it clear which jobs were denied by PaperCut.
  • Do not allow users to authenticate using the credentials of a user flagged as "unauthenticated" in PaperCut.
  • More flexible searching of TopUp/Prepaid cards - e.g. search for partial card numbers.
  • Added support for some less popular Linux distributions.
  • Improved application logging to assist with trouble-shooting issues.
  • Various minor usability/layout improvements.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Updated translations for Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese. Added a translation of the user client into Swedish.
  • Improved support for a variety of printer hardware including new wide-format models and new Mac drivers.


  • Do not lose the shared account pin when the account is changed from a parent to a sub-account or vice-versa.
  • Fixed issue that may have caused printers to appear twice on Mac systems under different system names.
  • Fixed some problems in web-service APIs when using the Oracle external database.
  • Fix TopUp/Pre-paid card wizard problems in countries where the decimal separator is a comma (e.g. France and Germany).
  • Improved sorting of the accounts in the "Edit Print Log" page when using an external database.
  • Allow email notifications to include non-latin characters (e.g. Chinese).
  • Improved page counting, paper size detection and duplex detection for a variety of printers.
  • Net Charging: Fix rare problem that stopped Internet Provider service from starting.
  • Net Charging: Improved parsing of Microsoft ISA W3C logs to stop denied usage from being recorded in PaperCut.
  • Net Charging: Improved reliability of displaying the Internet usage charts and statistics.

20 August 2007 - PaperCut 7.4 (Build 5011)

New major features:

  • Admin alerts. Administrators can now choose to be notified via email (or SMS if you have an email-SMS gateway) on the following events:
    • Printer errors - be notified when a printer goes into error. For example when there is a paper jam or the printer is out of toner. This feature allows administrators to be aware of issues faster, rather than waiting for an irate user to complain.
    • Error level events - if PaperCut encounters an error the details will be logged to the 'App. Log' tab, the log file, and now optionally sent out via email. This feature allows administrators to be aware of errors sooner, such as problems communicating with the directory server.
    • License notifications - this can be used to notify interested parties when there is a licensing issue, such as exceeding the licensed user count.

New minor features:

  • Add print job comments and some other information into reports that show print logs.
  • Make the 'Print Logs' page load faster on large sites by decreasing the default date range of the data shown from one month to two weeks.
  • On Mac and Linux systems with no directory server, include the 'primary group' when considering group membership.
  • Add some new calls to the web services API and server-command for performing user balance transactions.
  • If the 'Use SSL if available' option is enabled, end-user HTTPS access is enforced.

Fixes and enhancements:

  • Improve handling of Excel/CSV reports so that they open correctly in Excel when using Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue that may have prevented large backups from being imported.
  • Fix bug when using the administration interface in Internet Explorer that prevented selecting a list of printers that an administrator should have access to.
  • Prevent DNS lookups from taking a long time on Windows networks. On Windows networks where DNS lookups are slow, this could slow down the time taken for printing to be processed.
  • When a report contains no data (for example when there was no printing in the selected date range), a message is added to the report to indicate this.
  • When running very large reports and the maximum row count is reached (by default 10,000 rows), a message is now displayed on the report indicating that the data has been truncated (and to see the user guide for how to increase the maximum row count).
  • Fix an issue where clicking the 'Details' link on the user client would not work if there were spaces in the username.
  • Fix an issue with the Mac client auto-restart login hook when there are spaces in usernames.
  • Improve reliability of notification delivery in the user client tool.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the admin ACL option 'Change printer settings' from working.
  • Fix an issue preventing logging into the user web interface when using Active Directory, multi-domain support and a UPN formatted username.
  • Fix an issue with file permissions during installation on Mandriva Linux.
  • Added support for CUPS 1.3 on Mac and Linux.
  • Fix some minor rendering problems with Internet Explorer.
  • Fix some minor problems reported users through the "Submit Error Report" feature.

Page counting improvements:

  • Better copy count detection with some Mac drivers.
  • Fixed a page count problem with Canon IR2016 PCL5 drivers.
  • Fixed a copy count problem with HP Designjet plotters using HPGL drivers.
  • Fixed a page size issue with Fuji-Xerox Docuwide 2050 plotters using GDI drivers.
  • Improve support for Unix text based printing.


  • New complete translation for Czech.
  • New end-user translations for Hungarian and Slovak.
  • Updated translations for Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, German, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

3 July 2007 - PaperCut 7.3 (Build 4874)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Add improved support for authenticating using Windows Active Directory UPN user names (e.g. joe.smith@yourdomain.com).
  • Improve reports to display a friendly message when the report contains no data.
  • Fixed problem importing users/groups from some LDAP servers.
  • Fixed problem using cards for authentication in the release station when the card-number trailer character is not defined.
  • Fixed some errors reported by users through the "Submit Error Report" feature.

22 June 2007 - PaperCut 7.3 (Build 4846)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Add a new feature to display the environmental impact of each user's printing. This is intended to encourage users to reduce their printing. It displays the number of trees consumed, amount of CO2 produced and how much energy used.
  • Add a "Rates" page to the end-user interface so users can see the cost settings for printer and Internet usage.
  • Allow user bulk actions to be applied to users based on various criteria in addition to group. e.g. restriction status, balance, department and office.
  • Add support for custom quota periods. This was often requested by customers who want to allocate quotas at the start of terms or semesters.
  • Add an option to not automatically create users in PaperCut when they print for the first time. The administrator can choose to allow or deny printing when users don't exist.
  • Add the ability to search for users by ID number from the user quick find.
  • Improvements to PDF reports to stop lines splitting over pages.
  • Improved print popup speed and reliability on networks with unreliable or inconsistent DNS/name resolution.
  • Some improvements to the User Client on Windows networks with unusual group policy settings.
  • Fix copy count for Canon UFR print drivers.
  • Fix page count problem with Kyocera Mita FS-C8026N drivers.
  • Improved color detection when printing from Adobe Acrobat 8.
  • Fix the substitutions (e.g. username, job cost, etc) in the release station notification messages.
  • Fix LDAP problems when the Base DN setting contains spaces or unusual characters.
  • Allow files large than 1 MB to be uploaded (e.g. import files), and fix problems encountered when defining many PaperCut administrators.
  • Various reporting fixes and improvements.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Updated translations Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Added Slovak translation for end user pages and user client.
  • Added Korean translation for the user client.

21 May 2007 - PaperCut 7.2 (Build 4733)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Added the ability to schedule reports. This feature allows reports to be automatically generated and emailed to a list of recipients. More information is available in the user manual.
  • The report naming scheme has been revised to ensure they are consistent and give a good idea as to what they will look like.
  • Modified the zero-install method of the user client tool and standalone release station. They now locally cache the application data, only updating it when required. As before this ensures that the software is always up to date, but now also keeps bandwidth use to a minimum (like a local installation). Sites already using the zero-install method should consider reviewing login scripts to make use of the new caching features.
  • Added the ability to automatically purge old log data. On large sites with high traffic usage, the database can become large. In cases where old log data is not required, it can now be automatically deleted.
  • Added a new method to launch the user client on Mac systems (via a login hook, but doesn't restart when quit).
  • Added new server-command and web services calls: use-card (to use a pre-paid / top-up card), adjust-user-account-balance-by-group-up-to (adjust the account balance for all users in a group, but only up to a certain limit).
  • Added a bulk user operation for adjusting balance but not beyond a set limit.
  • Added web services example code for Ruby, and updated the examples and documentation for the other examples.
  • Added some visual effects in the web interface.
  • Streamlined install process of user client on non-domain networks. The client will now confirm your network identity after a local install. This makes setups easier in environments where users log in with a username different to their network identity.
  • Fixed issue where running certain ad-hoc reports directly after running another ad-hoc report would result in the settings for the previous report to be displayed.
  • Prevented some system accounts from MS Exchange Server being imported into PaperCut as user accounts.
  • Updated translations for Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Changes specific to the print control module:
    • Added duplex detection for the Canon iR C3220.
    • Added custom page size detection for the Canon Image PROGRAF IPF-8000 wide-format printer.
    • Additional customization ability in the release station - the field orders and column widths can now be changed, and several other visual customizations were added.
    • More improvements to the account selection popup to ensure it always pops up on top of other windows, and that it is focused for input.
    • Minor performance improvements when processing PostScript documents.
    • Fixed issue with page level color detection for Adobe InDesign documents on PostScript print queues.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the progress window for the account sync and import not to display on IE.
    • Fixed bug that caused charge rates not to be taken into account when the user charges to their personal account.
    • Fixed a display bug where the charge rates for a shared account weren't displayed when accessing the page in a certain way.
  • Changes specific to the internet control module:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause proxy logs to be re-processed when a logs are being read over a network share and the connection is lost.
    • Fixed an issue processing log files in ISA format that caused downloads and uploads to be reversed.
    • Prevented a situation where the internet module wouldn't report the last internet usage of the day for a few hours, which could make the usage show up at unusual times in the log.

27 April 2007 - PaperCut 7.1 (Build 4648)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Fixed problem with database upgrade that would occur if upgrading from a version prior to 7.1 (Build 4550).

26 April 2007 - PaperCut 7.1 (Build 4645)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Added a printer filter to deny print jobs based on the number of copies.
  • Fixed an issue where some common errors such as network timeouts or corrupt print jobs would be reported many times. This could cause a delay in the processing of print jobs, and in some situations crash the application server.
  • Greatly improved memory usage when running PaperCut with PostgreSQL. This was a workaround for bad PostgreSQL driver defaults that used far too much memory, and was causing online backups to fail on large databases.
  • Added and improved warning messages when performing dangerous actions, such as shutting down the server while an upgrade is in progress, and changing the user authentication source after the system is set up.
  • Fixed user import problems when a group or org unit contained backslashes.
  • Fixed support for using domain filters with upstream proxy servers on ISA server in the internet control module.
  • Added a command-line option to delete old log data.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'shared account print summary' report displayed user accounts as well.
  • Miscellaneous changes to support recent Canon drivers.
  • General performance improvements when under very high load.

13 April 2007 - PaperCut 7.1 (Build 4603)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Added multi-domain support for Active Directory. PaperCut can now import users from multiple AD domains without the need for workarounds, such as the use of 'nested groups'. [read more]
  • Improved the reliability and performance of tracking print jobs during intermittent network failure.
  • Improved performance and lowered memory requirements when running large reports.
  • Changed the method used to launch the web browser when clicking on a URL in the user client tool. Previously 'cmd.exe' was used, to which access is often blocked on restricted systems.
  • Improved the importing of shared accounts from a file when the file contained some unusual data.
  • Fixed bug that prevented reports from being run in some Asian locales.
  • Fixed display issues with CSV reports in some Asian locales.
  • Fixed some page counting issues with PDFs printed from Adobe Acrobat 8 with some printer drivers.
  • Filter out invalid characters in usernames. An issue was seen where an LDAP server returned usernames with invalid characters.
  • Fixed problem on Mac when an IPP based connection was used between the server and the printer.
  • Added support for Samsung CLP-X printer drivers.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Translation updates for German, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Correctly display Portuguese translations for Portugal.

29 March 2007 - PaperCut 7.1 (Build 4550)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Added support hierarchical shared accounts (e.g. parent and sub-accounts).
  • New optional advanced user client that provides enhanced functionality for selecting account. e.g. search for account, select preferred accounts, enter print job comments, etc.
  • Various reporting improvements and additional shared account reports.
  • Added a "Template Shared Account" that is used to define defaults for newly created accounts (e.g. default security options).
  • Added a bulk account operations page to allow updating balances and settings of accounts in bulk.
  • Added an option to automatically import/sync shared accounts from various external sources.
  • Enhancements to the pre-paid/top-up cards as requested by users (case insensitive card entry, shorter alpha-numeric card numbers, localized date formats, etc).
  • Perform bulk user operations in the background and provide progress feedback which improves usability when operation is long running.
  • Optimize various long running operations to reduces database locking (e.g. user/group sync, bulk user and account operations, etc).
  • Optimized print monitoring to improve start-up time and reduce initial load on application server.
  • Improved copy count detection for printing on Macs.
  • Improved duplex detection for PCL and Postscript printers.
  • Automatically configure the "guest" account as an "unauthenticated" user in PaperCut. This simplifies configuration on peer-to-peer networks.
  • Increased the maximum number of allowed printers on a single print server to over 1900.
  • Improved usability when changing user/group sync settings to avoid accidental changes.
  • Improved support for running user client on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed small memory leak in print provider service.
  • Additional commands added to web-service API and server-command.
  • Added support for new daylight-savings timezone in US and Australia.
  • User Client: Ensure that account selection window is focused when popup appears.
  • Net Control: Increased default network timeout in Squid ACL helper.
  • Net Control: Correctly decode usernames containing backslashes (\) passed to the Squid ACL helper.
  • Mac: Included a desktop widget to display the user's balance.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Translation updates for German, Portuguese, and Chinese.

05 March 2007 - PaperCut 7.0 (Build 4461)

This release contains the following changes:

  • In the popup client, display information about whether the print job is color or grayscale.
  • Significantly improved performance for for group-based "Bulk User Operations" (including quota allocations). The group operations now perform about 10 times faster for groups containing 2000 users.
  • Provide an option to allow/disallow releasing jobs from the release station using the end-user web tools. Users will always be allowed to cancel their own print jobs.
  • Add the copy count to the print attributes column in print log and reports.
  • Improvements to behavior of the standard popup client (improved focusing account selection options).
  • Automatically configure the "guest" account as an "unauthenticated" user in PaperCut.
  • Fixed problem editing account pins/codes.
  • Fixed behavior of release station when unable to connect to the server using the machine name.
  • Fixes to provide improved support for Samsung printers on Windows XP.
  • Net Control: Fix problem where corrupt proxy logs can cause PaperCut to log net usage against a future date.
  • Mac: Improvements to the CUPS print integration.
  • Linux: Improved behavior on servers without an X console (headless).
  • Minor documentation improvements.

16 February 2007 - PaperCut 7.0 (Build 4400)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Improved support for running on Active Directory domains with the Guest account enabled.
  • Sort the list of admin users alphabetically to make admin users easier to find.
  • Include additional paper sizes (ANSI-F and common envelope sizes).
  • Add an option to install the User Client on Mac so that it cannot be closed by the user.
  • Improved page size detection for documents printed on the Mac, and PDF documents created from Adobe applications.
  • Remove jobs from the release station queue, when the job is cancelled by a user.
  • Fix minor problem in release station that caused jobs to get stuck in the release station in "Printing..." state, after they were released by the user.
  • Added support for Oracle databases. Contact the support team for details.
  • Fixed a problem that stopped some statistics graphs from displaying in non-English locales.
  • Fixed bug where the date ranges were set incorrectly for "previous month" reports that cross the year boundary.
  • Fixed some errors reported by users through the "Submit Error Report" feature.
  • Fix some typos in the user interface.
  • Updated translations for Spanish and Chinese.
  • Minor documentation changes.

15 January 2007 - PaperCut 7.0 (Build 4260)

Happy new year!

This release contains the following changes:

  • Added feature to make the shared account PIN 'visible'. This option is useful for organizations with project codes for accounts, for example, and allows charging to account by code. The user manual contains more information about this feature.
  • Added feature to control which field of the user client's account selection popup is selected by default, saving a few click each time it is shown. See the user client's README.txt and config file for more information.
  • Improved install process on some linux distributions including SUSE, Mandriva and Ubuntu.
  • Added support for some new Canon printers using CAPT and UFR drivers.
  • Improved documentation for running PaperCut on external databases.
  • Corrected issue with internet module where usernames with spaces were being reported differently by some proxy servers.
  • Changed the connection method of the internet provider component to avoid the need for reconfiguration when the hostname or IP of the system changes.
  • Updated Chinese translations.
  • Fixed page count issues with some OKI printers on Mac; RPCS drivers when printing in color; printing from AutoCAD; some Canon imageRunner printers and duplex and color detection with ZIMF drivers.
  • Fixed issue where database backup would not occur in a rare situation.
  • Fixed minor statistical error on the Printer Details page.
  • Minor improvements to the administration interface.
  • Minor documentation changes.

5 December 2006 - PaperCut 7.0 (Build 4192)

Important: Before upgrading, please check our upgrade policy to check that you are eligible to upgrade to this release.

This release contains the following changes:

  • Allow user transfers to be limited to only members of a selected security group.
  • Allow minimum and maximum user transfer amounts to be configured.
  • Added an option to disable the logging of document names. Some organizations choose not to log document names for privacy reasons.
  • Implement user notifications when print jobs enter a release station queue.
  • Add a group filter to the print logs screen, which allows for more filtering flexibility in reporting.
  • Changes to the bulk account import to allow for the clearing of group access controls.
  • Fix PDF reports to correctly output Asian fonts when installed in an Asian region.
  • Improvements to reliability of client popups.
  • Minor improvements to the Mac install/upgrade process.
  • Include examples of how to perform quota allocations to a group of users using the server-command command-line interface.
  • Improved grayscale detection for RPCS print drivers.
  • Improved support for HPGL CAD/plot print jobs.
  • Allow more printers to be ignored in the windows print provider.
  • Minor documentation improvements.
  • Updated translations for Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch and Spanish.

17 November 2006 - PaperCut 7.0 (Build 4119)

Important: Before upgrading, please check our upgrade policy to check that you are eligible to upgrade to this release.

This release contains the following changes:

  • First public release of the optional Internet Control module that has been undergoing testing for the past 3 months.
  • First public release of PaperCut for Mac OS X.
  • New page-level color detection for supported printers.
  • Allow the password for the built-in admin account to be changed through the user interface. The password is encrypted when stored.
  • Additional scripting functionality exposed via the web-services and server-command program.
  • Allow the window location of the user client window to be configured, instead of always starting in the top right of the screen.
  • Added support to for LDAP referrals used by some LDAP servers.
  • Improved support for a variety of printer hardware.
  • Improved upgrade process to display the progress of database upgrades when required. This improves the experience for sites with large databases when the upgrade process could take a while to complete.
  • Restructured the client directory so the executables for each platform are in different directories.
  • Linux service improvements to allow the application server to automatically restart when problems occur.
  • Improved support for release stations on Mac OS X.
  • Various performance performance and stability improvements.
  • Many more improvements since the release of version 6.